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Sick of writing your own radio ads or paying agency rates for creative and voice talent? A new AI-powered alternative promises quality scripts and voiceover generation at the click of a button.

Adthos announced April 3, 2023, that users of its platform can now produce complete audio ads in its self-service portal using AI technology from start to finish. Adthos writes the script, adds AI voiceover, suggests music and sound effects, and generates a complete ad ready for play-out.

According to Adthos, its platform uses over a dozen AI technologies, including Chat GPT-4 and Azure AI’s Neural Text to Speech.

Having listened to several of the completed ads, there are places you can tell you’re listening to AI. With that said, it’s not stilted or intrusive as some AI audio experiences can be.

The ease of use, speed by which you can create ads, and reduced costs may be worth it.

Adthos pros & cool features

✅ Adthos uses hundreds of carefully selected, professionally trained voiceover actors.

✅ Integrations with radio automation systems and ad servers, meaning creative audio can be played out immediately.

✅ The self-service portal enables you to quickly create and modify ads, to produce the creative required for micro-targeted campaigns.

✅ Adthos offers a free one-month trial if you want to try it without committing.

Adthos cons & limitations

❌ The audio ad generator isn’t available as a standalone tool; it’s bundled in the platform, which currently runs from $49.95 to $99.95 monthly (or higher, for custom enterprise packages).

❌ ‘Platinum’ voices and professional audio plugins will cost you extra.

Getting started with the Adthos AI radio commercial generator

Creating a commercial takes just minutes on the self-service platform. The process begins with a few prompts that enable the underlying AI to generate a script. Input key ad details such as an example or testimonial, desired length, and language.

Choose a creative style. Options include conversational, direct response, music-driven, narrative, slogan, and testimonial – or, you can let the AI decide for you based on the content.

Next, select a call to action. Your choices include:

  • Announce an event
  • Get listeners to search and visit my website
  • Get listeners to call my business
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Tell listeners my business address

You’re asked to choose a style of call-to-action, as well.

Once you’ve created this brief, the AI technologies get to work writing your script and selecting voiceover talent, music, and sound effects.

On the ‘Script generation’ screen, you can edit the AIs’ content suggestions or hit ‘Retry’ if you’re unhappy with the output as a whole.

Because this tool is built on and integrates with the Adthos Creative Studio, those AIs can access data around all weather, traffic, and sports events in the world and use that to localize your content.

Once you’re satisfied with the written script, you can either let the AI select your music or choose from a list of suggestions.

It takes seconds for the platform to produce the ad, which can then be submitted directly to ad servers, downloaded to your device, or delivered instantly to radio automation systems.

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Adthos was awarded ‘Ad Tech Company of the Year’ at the 2022 Global Business Tech Awards, the second such honor for the brand.

Source: Adthos Launches First-of-a-Kind Self-Service, 100% AI-Generated Audio Ads for Radio, Podcast & Streaming (Business Wire)

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