AI assistants (also known as AI agents or AI sidekicks) are adept at following instructions, setting appointments, managing operational tasks, and simplifying intricate processes. They can be adapted for different uses. Aomni is one such AI assistant that is designed to cater to the needs of sales professionals. 

Aomni’s AI can also be useful for people who want to automate routine tasks, like researching for information online or collecting that information and presenting it in an actionable way. For instance, a writer can use it to gather information on any subject they are writing about. 

Because it is designed for research, it provides citations for all sources of information—which makes the information more credible. It also means that Aomni is not prone to AI hallucinations wherein the AI makes up facts, like other AIs.

But how does it cater to sales teams? We explore that, and more about Aomni and all the different ways you can use it to be more productive. 

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What is Aomni?

Aomni is an AI agent platform that streamlines account planning and accelerates sales efficiency for B2B sales teams. 

The tool equips every sales team with an AI assistant who’s an expert in B2B sales. It is trained to understand your sales library, playbooks, and institutional knowledge. Picture this assistant as your personalized sales consultant, who has learned everything about your company, and is now tasked with making sales smoother for you. 

Aomni autonomously researches your accounts. It uncovers the unique selling points of your products and services. It understands your buyers and identifies their pain points, needs, and preferences. It matches your value propositions with buyer needs.

Aomni then uses this intelligence to create customer service messages that resonate with your customers. Or you can craft actionable sales strategies that resonate with your prospects. 

What makes this tool a standout is that it learns constantly from user feedback and performance data. So, it’s a sales agent that gets better over time—and trains itself to do so.

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What is Account Planning?

Account planning in B2B sales involves understanding a customer’s key initiatives, problems, and challenges. By identifying these elements, you help the customer achieve their objectives and build a long-term relationship with them.

Aomni can do this for you so your sales team can focus on other things. 

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Why Should Sales Teams Invest in Aomni?

On their LinkedIn page, Aomni claims that sales teams at startups and enterprises can use Aomni to save 7+ sales rep hours every week on company research, ramp up new reps faster, and level up team performance. 

Aomni creates a virtual enablement team that’s scalable across your entire organization. In other words, it acts like a virtual support system for your sales team—making everyone perform better.

How To Set Up Aomni

Getting started with Aomni is simple. Use these steps to start using it:

Step 1: Train Your AI Assistant

This step involves feeding the assistant with your product, use cases, and value propositions. It’s like giving it a crash course on your product, how it’s used, and why it’s great for your target audience. 

Step 2: Generate Account Plans

Provide the name and website of your website. Your AI assistant will then create an account plan, including detailed research about the company, a detailed opportunity analysis, and persona-based deliverables.

Step 3: Speed Up Sales

Use the built-in chat function and personalized outreach crafted by your AI assistant to optimize your sales-generating strategy. Break into new accounts faster and chat with the big decision-makers using messages that matter.

Here’s an example:

Still need help with Aomni? Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of how to level up account-based selling with Aomni. Watch this Loom video from the Aomni team for more information.

How Businesses Can Use Aomni to Stay Sharp

Aomni transforms day-to-day operations and client relations for the sales team. This is how various teams use it to be more productive:

Improve Their Business

When an AI assistant is trained on your own data, it thoroughly understands your business. You can use it to get data-driven insights and advice. It can also identify gaps in your processes, and offer recommendations to improve sales performance.

For example, if you work at a hospital that uses healthcare software to manage patients’ records and other processes at the healthcare facility—you can export data from the software and send it to Aomni. It will study the data and offer advice on how you can streamline operations at the hospital. 

Levels Up Account-Based Selling

Aomni’s AI knows how to tailor your offerings for different types of customers. 

For example, if your software can be used by individuals who work from home and large remote teams—the way you sell to each of them would differ. Aomni recognizes this and offers personalized suggestions for all types of customers. 

As a result, your clients see that you understand their individual needs. And you can close better and form better relationships with your customers. 

For example, let’s talk about a sales team that sells healthcare software to hospitals. When it engages with a hospital looking to upgrade its systems, you can use Aomni to identify gaps in its processes. The AI assistant will then offer personalized recommendations, highlighting how your software specifically meets the hospital’s needs.

This tailored approach to selling will improve your sales. 

Do Research for Market and Company Reports

Imagine your sales team is looking to reach out to a list of potential clients. Instead of spending hours searching for details about each client one by one, you can use Aomni. 

It collects up-to-date and credible data about each client’s company, industry, and more, and presents it in a neat report. Now, your sales team can swiftly dive into conversations, knowing exactly what each client needs, without the time-consuming research.

You can also use Aomni’s AI agent to scour the web, extract information, and compile it for you. Need industry stats to support your presentation? Or maybe data from an industry report? Aomni will gather it—and make it actionable for you. 

Break Into New Markets Faster

Need to break into a new market but don’t know how to adapt your sales pitch for them? You can leave this to Aomni.
Upload your existing pitch or sales script—and it will do the rest.

For example, picture this. You’re expanding your IT services to new potential clients. You serve mid to large corporate clients but want to offer solutions for small businesses like accounting firms, law firms, or even local medical clinics.

Aomni will gather data on how profitable these markets can be, and how you can break into them. If you decide to enter these markets, it will create a customized strategy for you to be successful at resonating with this set of customers too. 

Improve Probability of Sales

Aomni’s AI uncovers key details about your prospects. You can use it to identify and contact the right decision-makers for each cold lead so that you start conversations with people who can actually do something about it. You can find the decision makers’ job titles, online profiles, and contact information.

For example, when targeting a large corporation for a potential partnership, Aomni’s AI scours the web and company data to pinpoint the right decision-makers within that corporation. Instead of talking back and forth with different people in the organization, you can now talk directly to people who are truly important in the sales process.

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Aomni Pricing

Aomni offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to various needs.

Pro Plan

This plan is priced at $49 per month. It includes 15 account plans per month, 1 custom-trained model, unlimited chat messages with your AI sidekick, and access to unlimited research reports.

Business Plan

For $99 per month, users can access 40 account plans, 3 custom-trained models, unlimited chats, and research reports.

Business+ Plan

This plan is available for $199 per month. It offers 100 account plans, 5 custom-trained models, and access to unlimited chats, and research reports.

Enterprise Plan

This one entails customized account plans, models, and access to unlimited chats, and research reports.

Source: Aomni

Key Takeaways

Aomni can be useful for sales teams that want to use a data-driven approach to improving their sales process. You can also use it for effective account-based selling, quicker new account outreach, and access to key decision-makers. 

Picture it as a master chef crafting a customized menu for every customer. That’s what Aomni does for sales teams. 

Its pricing is flexible and suited for businesses of different sizes. We recommend giving it a shot!


What is Aomni’s source of information?

Aomni’s AI utilizes information from company websites, published market research, public financial documents, and social media.

How is my data protected?

Aomni takes user privacy and security seriously. It keeps the non-public information submitted to Aomni during the AI sidekick training process private.

Does Aomni integrate with other sales software platforms?

Not at the moment. Aomni is building integrations with CRMs and popular sales engagement tools.

How does Aomni adapt to changes in our sales strategy or offerings?

When your sales strategy or product offerings evolve, you can update and retrain your AI assistant. As it gains insight into your current goals, it will adjust its recommendations and outreach strategies accordingly.

Does Aomni offer plans for teams?

Yes. Visit to learn more about their subscription plans or reach out to for customized plans.

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