Accessibility, engagement, and discoverability are extremely important factors for digital content, so much so that studies claim closed captions can lead to an 80% increase in video views. However, creating subtitles manually is a time-consuming, tedious process. Thankfully, there are AI subtitle generator tools now to streamline and simplify this important video optimization.

If you want an engaged audience, you always need to be thinking about the user experience. Video subtitles serve as the bridge to a more inclusive, captivating, and far-reaching video experience where viewers can follow exactly what’s being said. Background noise, diction, accent, or just lack of focus on the viewer’s part don’t get in the way of your video message getting through.

This blog explores why subtitles are integral to your video strategy, introduces you to the 15 best AI subtitle generator tools available in the market today, and offers tips on selecting the right AI subtitle generator tool for your video project.

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An example of a video with subtitles/closed captions.
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Why Use Subtitles In Videos?

Subtitles may seem like a small addition to your video, but they can quickly override the more painstaking work you did to get your video out. If your audience can’t understand what you’re saying, it’s bound to impact your video’s accessibility, engagement, and discoverability. And here’s how subtitles impact those:


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 5 of the global population suffers from hearing loss. This number is estimated to increase to almost 2.5 billion by 2050. Video subtitles are a small step towards inclusivity for those with hearing impairments, and also make sure you’re not leaving out any people who can be the target market for your products/service.

Enhanced Engagement: 

Subtitles engage viewers in noisy environments, making your content accessible even when their surroundings are not. They have been shown to boost watch time stats and make videos stand out from the crowd.

Global Reach: 

Subtitles facilitate comprehension for a global audience, breaking down language barriers. Preston Smalley, Roku’s Vice President of viewer products, supports this fact through a 2022 internal survey that revealed that 58% of subscribers use subtitles. 

SEO Benefits: 

Subtitles are important in boosting your video’s discoverability on search engines like Google, especially if these subtitles contain keywords. Search engines can better understand your video’s content and match it to user queries effectively when they detect keywords within your subtitles.

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Why Use AI Subtitle Generator Tools?

Sure, you can generate subtitles manually, but then you’ll miss out on these benefits of using AI subtitle generator tools:

Enhanced Accuracy: AI-powered subtitle generators excel at transcribing spoken words accurately. This precision is particularly valuable when dealing with intricate or fast-paced content.

Time Efficiency: Creating subtitles manually is usually a tedious task. AI-powered tools drastically reduce the time and effort involved in this process. They free up valuable hours better spent on other critical aspects of video production. With some AI subtitle generators, it’s also easy to insert subtitles in different languages for variants of the same video. This feature not only cuts down on time taken but also helps you enhance your content’s reach.

Consistency Across Platforms: AI subtitle generators ensure uniformity in your subtitles, regardless of the platform your audience chooses for viewing the video. You can use the same style of captions for YouTube videos and social media ads. This consistency helps you retain your brand’s visual image and conveys a cohesive message to your audience.

The Top 15 AI Subtitle Generator Tools

ToolKey FeaturesLimitations
Rev1. Can help add subtitles to various file formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, VOB, and OGG.
2. Offers a quick turnaround on subtitles.
3. Can translate video subtitles from English into multiple foreign languages.
4. Can keep video files secure from unauthorized access. 
5. Can be easily integrated into Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive accounts.
6. Allows for complimentary editing of subtitles (fixing typos, adjusting timing, changing speaker names side-by-side with your content).
7. Allows conversion of subtitles into different file formats, including .srt, .scc, .ttml, .dfxp, .cap, .mcc and more.
8. Allows caption styling (font, size, color, and highlights.)
9. Facilitates collaboration among team members and clients to view, edit, and download caption files, even if they don’t have a Rev account. 
Doesn’t provide a free trial plan for testing the tool.
Submagic1. Can create viral shorts in seconds with AI.
2. Supports auto subtitle generator feature in 48 languages.
3. Provide an option to generate sound effects for emojis
4. Can add fancy transitions between your clips 
5. Can add transition effects to your original video in one click
6. Can zoom fast up to +25% for 0.5 second and slow up to +25% for 3 seconds
7. Have the option to add sounds like whooshes, pop, click, camera flash, and much more
8. Provide option to Choose between 10,000 music
Doesn’t provide a free trial plan for testing.
Animaker1. Recognizes speech, generates subtitles, and adds them to your video. 
2. Allows you to customize and format them to fit your brand guidelines.
3. Allows you to add over 20 animations for subtitles. 
4. Can translate video from English into over 130 languages.
5. Allows conversion of subtitles into different file formats, including .srt, .vtt, and .txt.
6. Offers a free trial plan.
The free trial plan allows for only 50 minutes of video per month, and that too with a watermark.
VEED.IO1. Allows conversion of subtitles into different file formats, including .srt, .vtt, and .txt.
2. Allows you to burn or hardcode the subtitles into the video.
3. Enables you to change your subtitles’ style, font, and colors. 
4. Allows you to select from different animation styles and backgrounds. 
5. Can animate your subtitles and even highlight specific words.
6. Offers a free trial plan.
The free trial plan only allows for subtitling with a watermark, and you can add captions to only 30 min of video content. The upload limit is restricted to 1GB.
Kapwing1. Generates captions within seconds.
2. Offers one-click customization options — custom colors, fonts, stylish animations, and emojis.
3. Can adjust details like subtitle color, font, location, and more.
4. Can animate subtitles with word-by-word highlights and effects.
5. Allows you to manually edit subtitles to match your video.
6. Allows you to permanently embed your subtitles into a video when exporting.
7. Can turn all subtitles into a text transcript in one click.
8. Can translate video subtitles into over 70+ languages in seconds.
9. Can convert subtitles to SRT, VTT, and more before downloading.
10. It’s cloud-based. You can use it on any device and access your content anywhere in the world.
11. It is free to start with.
The free trial plan allows for subtitling with a watermark, and only 10 min of subtitles can be added per month.
Flixier1. Creates subtitles for videos in minutes.
2. Allows you to customize the looks, size, and content of your subtitles.
3. Offers subtitle presets to make your subtitles more legible and pleasant.
4. Offers over 900 built-in fonts due to Google Fonts integration.
5. Allows you to upload your custom fonts.
6. Runs entirely in the web browser. No installations are needed.
7. Lets you translate captions to over 30 different languages in just a few clicks.
8. Facilitates collaboration among unlimited people.
Offers a free trial plan.
The free trial plan only lets you generate 5 minutes worth of subtitles every month.
Simplified1. Creates video subtitles in minutes.
2. Offers 30+ subtitle styles and templates.
3. Allows you to add backgrounds to subtitles to make them stand out. 
4. Offers a free trial plan.
The free trial plan only lets you generate subtitles for 30 minutes of video content every month.
FlexClip1. Creates subtitles accurately with a few clicks and in minutes.
2. Supports up to 140 languages, including English, German, Chinese, French, and Spanish.
3. Gives full control over the generated subtitles. You can split or merge subtitles, change font, alignment, and styles, and make adjustments at will.
4. It’s browser-based. You can access it without installing any software.
5. It’s free to start with.
The free trial plan allows you to subtitle only 1 stock video per project and a video of 10 minutes duration.
Nova A.I.1. Adds subtitles to the video with a single click and within minutes. 
2. The transcoding offers an accuracy rate of 96%.
3. Can transcode the video in over 100 languages and dialects. 
4. Allows you to hardcode the subtitles on top of the video or download them as SRT, VTT, or TXT files and add them to a video player (YouTube or VLC).
5. You can access the free trial plan without inserting your credit card details.
The free trial plan lets you generate subtitles worth 30 minutes every month.
Maestra1. Generates subtitles in 80+ languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
2. Can keep video files secure from unauthorized access. 
3. Allows you to export subtitles in SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Scenarist (.scc), Spruce (.stl), Cheetah (.cap), Avid DS (.txt), PDF, and TXT.
4. Customize subtitles using multiple fonts, sizes, colors, and styling tools.
5. Allows multiple collaborators to edit and share the subtitles.
Doesn’t offer a free trial plan.
Wondershare Filmora1. Transcribe video speech to text accurately in a single click.
2. Supports the import of external files, including SRT format. 
3. Supports up to 26 languages of transcription, including Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and Arabic.
Doesn’t offer a free trial plan.
Media.IO1. Creates subtitles accurately.
2. Supports up to 90 subtitle languages, including English, German, and Spanish.
3. Generates subtitles without a watermark attached. 
4. It’s free to add texts to videos with non-watermarked outputs.
5. It can burn subtitles into a video quickly and easily. 
6. Supports formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, MKV, FLV, and WebM, among others.
7. Allows you to customize and edit the subtitles.
8. Can work online on any HTML5 web browser. 
9. Allows you to create auto subtitles on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows without any hassle, and add subtitles on the target device directly. 
Doesn’t facilitate collaboration among team members.
Descript1. Gives 95% accurate automatic transcription.
2. Enables customization in subtitles (font, color, positioning, background, and more).
3. It’s free to start with.
The free trial plan lets you generate subtitles worth 1 hour of video content every month.
Wavel.AI1. Generates accurate and high-quality subtitles within minutes.
2. Offers a huge selection of fonts, sizes, styles, and 20+ languages.
3. Has customizable features like text position, letter spacing, and professionally designed text styles.
4. Subtitles can be downloaded in a variety of formats — SRT, VTT, and TXT.
5. Comes with a free trial plan.
The free trial plan doesn’t state any specific benefits related to video subtitling.
Dubverse1. It’s free to start with. No credit card is required.
2. Generates, exports, and edits subtitles in 90 languages.
3. Adds subtitles with time codes, enabling accurate editing.
4. Subtitles can be downloaded in a variety of formats — Mp4, Mp3, and TXT.
5. Offers a 7-day free trial plan.
The free trial plan doesn’t state any specific benefits related to video subtitling.

If you’re seeking multi-language support and want to create subtitles for multiple videos per month, you may have to upgrade to the premium version of most of these AI subtitle generator tools.

You can try Dunverse or if you’re interested in testing the tools first, as these come with a free trial.

Editor’s Top Pick for Free AI Subtitle Generator: offers the best value in its free plan because it comes with multi-language support and still allows you to create subtitles for 30 minutes of video content at no charge.

Tips for Choosing the Right AI Subtitle Generator Tool

Selecting the most apt AI subtitle generator tool for your video project is an important decision. Follow these tips:

  1. Define your specific needs. Consider factors like the type of videos you create, the languages you require support for, and your budget constraints. 
  1. Consider the level of customization the tool offers. Check if the tool can style to match your video’s branding and offers options to adjust fonts, colors, and positioning.
  1. Look for tools with intuitive designs and straightforward navigation. 
  1. Check if the tool seamlessly integrates with your preferred video editing or distribution platforms. Integration can streamline the process of adding subtitles to your videos.
  1. Ensure the tool allows you to make real-time edits to the generated subtitles to maintain accuracy and style.
  1. Choose a pricing plan that aligns with your budget and requirements. Look out for tools that offer free trial plans.
  1. Check access to customer support and resources like tutorials.
  1. Look out for user reviews to gain insights into real-world experiences with the tool. 

How to Use Any AI Subtitle Generator Tools Effectively

Here’s how you can use any of the 15 subtitle generator tools to create captions for your videos:

  • Select the tool that best suits your needs.
    • Consider factors like the type of videos you create, your budget, and the languages you need support for. 
  • Upload your video to the selected tool or link it to your account if necessary.
    • Some tools allow direct integration with popular video platforms like YouTube.
  • Configure settings like subtitle style (font, size, color), language preferences, and formatting to match your video’s tone and branding.
  • Initiate the subtitle generation process. 
  • Review and edit the subtitles for any errors. Ensure the timing is synchronized correctly. 
  • Depending on your video distribution platform, you can either upload the subtitles separately or embed them directly into your video. 
  • Before publishing your video, conduct a test to make sure that the subtitles display correctly.

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Key Takeaways

While platforms such as YouTube and Facebook offer their own AI caption generators for videos on their respective platforms, accuracy is not always guaranteed. Whichever tool you use, it’s important to proofread and edit for accuracy so you don’t end up leading your audience astray with inaccurate information.

AI subtitle generators offer precision, time savings, efficiency, and the flexibility to align subtitles with your brand’s identity — all without the hassle that would go into doing the process manually.

You’ll find that being consistent with subtitles across all video platforms will expand your reach, and improve your engagement with your audience — so, explore our pick of the best 15 AI subtitle generator tools, experiment with their features, and find the perfect match for your requirements.


Are AI subtitle generator tools suitable for all types of videos?

AI subtitle generator tools can be used for all video types (educational, marketing, and more). However, the suitability may vary depending on your specific needs. Consider factors like the tool’s language support, customization options, and integration capabilities to ensure it aligns with your video type.

How do I ensure the accuracy of AI-generated subtitles?

AI-powered tools are highly accurate. However, it is a best practice to review the generated subtitles. Most tools allow you to make real-time edits to the subtitles.

How do I select the right subtitle style and formatting for my videos?

Choosing the right subtitle style and formatting depends on your video’s tone and branding. Most AI subtitle generator tools offer customization options for fonts, sizes, colors, and positioning. Experiment with different styles to find the one that complements your video’s aesthetics and tone. Also, your chosen style and formatting must not distract viewers.

Can AI subtitle generator tools handle accents and dialects accurately?

Most AI subtitle generator tools are designed to recognize and transcribe a wide range of accents and dialects. However, their accuracy may vary depending on the tool and the complexity of the speech. It’s a best practice to review the generated subtitles for any accent-related errors and make necessary edits.

Are there any legal considerations when using AI subtitle generator tools for video content?

When using AI subtitle generator tools, ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions for the content you are subtitling. Copyrighted material, music, and images may have specific licensing requirements. Also, some platforms have guidelines for subtitle usage. Review the legal aspects to avoid any potential copyright or infringement issues.

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