If you don’t want to get behind 267,406,688 creative tools and prefer the convenience of having your entire creative workflow in one place, this Designs.ai guide is for you.

This generative AI tool can be a game changer for digital creators and marketers who use multiple tools daily to automate marketing tasks including light writing, creating graphics, and much more. It also does all these things in under 2 minutes, and I had a really fun afternoon experimenting with its various tools.

In this guide, we’ll explore the many features and benefits of Designs.ai, providing you with the insights you need to get the most out of this unique tool. I hope you make the most of it!

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What is Designs.ai?

Designs.ai is a creative AI platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to help creative professionals streamline their design process. The platform packs a wide range of powerful tools and features that make it easier to create compelling designs, custom images, logos, text, and videos from a single intuitive interface.

While its primary function is to generate creative assets, I find its copywriting and voiceover tools incredibly useful for creating different types of creative assets. I’ve seen some people use it for voiceover reels for social media, and some have even gone viral.

The platform has a broad range of design elements, including art generators, color matches, and graphic design tools — all of which work seamlessly together to provide a holistic design experience.

Picture of the Designs.ai website
Multiple AIs within the Designs.ai platform

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What Makes Designs.ai Unique?

Designs.ai offers a unique and comprehensive approach to creative design. While numerous AI-powered tools are available for graphic designers and other creative professionals, Designs.ai stands out for its versatility.

It combines copywriting and design AIs in one place, allowing you to create both social media posts and press releases in one place.

The platform is incredibly accessible, making it easy for users of all experience levels to create designs and content quickly. Unlike other design tools that require significant skill and expertise, Designs.ai leverages advanced AI technologies to automate and simplify complex design processes. This means that beginners can quickly learn how to navigate the platform and start creating their designs with ease.

Designs.ai also has a vast and diverse collection of design elements, including numerous premium images, color schemes, and templates. Designs.ai can also produce alternate design elements and suggest layouts based on the user’s selected preferences and existing content.

Designs.ai stands out from its competitors due to its accessibility, vast design asset library, and focus on efficiency and productivity. With its intuitive interface and top-notch AI technologies, Designs.ai empowers individuals and businesses alike to create impactful visuals and content quickly and easily.

What are Designs.ai’s Main Features?

Designs.ai offers a wide range of features to make the design process accessible and efficient for everyone. Here are some of its main features:

1. Diverse collection of design elements: The platform has a vast array of design elements that include countless premium images, color schemes, templates, and more.

A picture of Designs. ai logo creation page
Designing logos with Designs.ai

2. Logos, images, and videos: Designs.ai’s AI-generated images and fully edited videos are high quality and can be produced quickly. The platform’s users can upscale their digital images to high resolution without compromising quality, allowing them to create professional designs and premium assets in record time.

A picture of Designs.ai video maker page
A preview of Videomaker: the ai video editor inside Designs.ai

3. Content creation: Designs.ai’s copywriting and content creation tools are intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers a range of content creation options, including product launch press releases, newsletters, blogs, SWOT market research, and free-form options.

A picture of Designs.ai content creation section
Copywriting assets you can create with Designs.ai

These features make the platform a valuable tool for creative professionals who want to create valuable and useful designs.

What Can You Create with Designs.ai?

Designs.ai is a multipurpose tool. It can churn out practically any asset you need for your online marketing or advertising. Here are some of the creative assets you can create easily with Designs.ai:


If you’re looking to create simple logos with one or two elements and text, Designs.ai can be a good choice. In just a few clicks, you can create a unique business logo. All you need to do is input the company name, pick the industry, and choose whether you want an icon, name, or initial style. And it’s done.

Here’s how you can create your logo in Designs.ai Logomaker:

Step 1: Click the tool name: Logomaker

You can select “Logomaker” Ai within Designs.ai to get started.

Step 2: Once you reach the webpage, click “Create a logo now.”

Click on the “Create a logo now” button to get started.

Step 3: Input the name of the business. Click the button “Get Started.”

Add the name of the company in the text bar to move on to the next steps.

Step 4: Select the industry type relevant to your business and the logo style that appeals to you.

After making your selections, click the “‘Next” button at the top right of the page.

Picking your industry helps the AI select the icons most relevant to your type of business.

Step 5: Inserting a slogan is optional. Click the “Next” button to proceed.

You can add a slogan if you want. It’s an optional feature.

Step 6: Choose at least 5 styles from the samples listed below. Your selections give the tool an idea of your preferences. The tool will present you with options that match your taste.

The Logomaker tool allows you to pick styles you like so it can generate similar outputs for your business.

Step 7: Pick a color tone that resonates the most with your business.

You can pick the color that resonates most with your business at this step.

Step 8: Choose an icon that best captures your business name.

You can select the icon that you would like to include in the logo.

Step 9: The tool presents numerous design options, aligning with the choices made in the previous steps. Choose the logo options from the samples available and click “Next.”

Designs.ai gives you 5 logo options to choose from.

Step 10: The tool presents your chosen logo option.

The logo generated by Designs.ai.


The tool enables me to create videos ranging from 6 to 90 seconds. A library of templates streamlines the process. I can insert the text, and within moments, the tool creates the video. It allows me to seamlessly replace visuals, ensuring my content stays impactful. 

Look at the screenshots below to understand how to use this tool to make videos.

Step 1: Select the “Videomaker” tool.

Step 2: Once you reach the webpage, click “Try for Free.”

An overview of the Videomaker tool.

Step 3: Once you reach the webpage, you get to choose the template from the repository. You can also choose the text-to-video option if you want AI to generate a video from your prompt.

You can upload your own media or choose from an existing template.

For the purpose of this video, we went with a template.

Step 4: Next, input the title, script, and text for the final screen in the vacant boxes. 

You can add the name of the video and the script here.

Step 5: Click the arrow to the right of the screen.

Step 6: Choose the industry type. Click the arrow to the right of the screen to proceed.

You can select your business industry here.

Step 7: Choose the language and the voiceover sample. Click the arrow to the right of the page to proceed.

You can listen to the voiceover sample and choose the right one.

Step 8: The video is up on the tool. You can modify it as per your requirements and click the “Download” button on the top right of the page.

The final preview of the video.

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Designs.AI offers a plethora of options when it comes to designing. I can use this tool to create a card, a product listing ad, an Instagram post, an Instagram story, a blog banner, a newsletter, an event invite, a menu, a resume, a certificate, a Pinterest graphic, and much more.

It also categorizes templates topic-wise, lending an authentic appeal to the creative. These are available in various layouts  — Blank presentation, 1:1, A4, etc.

I created a story post using this tool. Check out the below screenshots.

Step 1: Select the Designmaker tool.

Step 2: Once you reach the webpage, click the button “‘Try for Free.”

Click “Try for free” to get started.

Step 3: The new webpage showcases a repository of elements that you can create using this tool. 

The graphic design tool allows you to choose what you would like to design. There are many preexisting templates to choose from.

Step 4: As soon you select the element, the tool opens to reveal an interface that contains templates and other features. Choose a template that resonates with the story post’s content. Add text and design elements as per your requirements. Click the “Download” button on the top right of the interface to download the story post.

A look at the interface of the graphic design AI tool.

Text to Speech

The tool also enables me to convert text to speech. It offers a palette of over 20 languages and 6 distinct voice samples. The output resonates with a remarkably human-like voice. 

This feature has revolutionized the creation of voiceovers, as evident in the screenshots below.

Step 1: Select the Speechmaker tool.

Step 2: Once you reach the webpage, click “Try for Free.”

Step 3: Input the text in the vacant box. Choose the language and voice sample, and click the “Convert” button.

You can select the voice style and language here.

Step 4: Within seconds, the tool delivers the audio clip. You can listen to it right in the tool itself. If satisfied with the outcome, download it. Alternatively, you can make the edits and convert text to speech again.

The output generated by “Speech Maker.”


Designs.AI is also a writing buddy. With its different offerings, I can craft captivating blogs, succinct summaries, engaging social media captions, and impactful press releases, generate intricate legal contracts, create compelling copy for ads, and do more.

Look at how the tool’s AIWriter helped me craft copy for a social media post quickly and easily.

Step 1: Select the “AI Writer” now.

Step 2: Once you reach the webpage, click the button “Try for Free.”

Step 3: The tool displays different formats that you can leverage for writing.

Step 4: For the purpose of this guide, we experimented with the “Social Media” option. You will further discover options for different types of content templates here. Choose one that best fits what you’re looking to create.

Type of assets you can create for social media in Designs.ai “AI Writer” tool.

Step 5: Enter the necessary data. This data serves as the prompt to generate the copy. Click the “Generate” button at the bottom right of the page.

You can select the objectives of the asset you’re creating here.

Step 6: The tool generates 10 options based on your shared prompt. Choose the one that’s closest to your writing style. Alternatively, you can also modify your prompt and generate a revised copy.

The tweets generated by the “AI Writer” tool.

Make the Most Out of Designs.ai with These Tips

To make the most of this platform, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow:

1. Use the color matcher tool: One of the most valuable tools on the Designs.ai platform is the color matcher feature. This tool allows you to input the hex code of a color you want to include in your design and generates a range of complementary and contrasting colors that you can use to enhance your design. This ensures you always use your brand colors and don’t have to make adjustments later on.

A picture of Designs. ai color match page
Color matcher tool inside Designs.ai

2. Experiment with design elements: With its vast collection of design elements like templates, premium images, and color schemes, Designs.ai makes it easy for users to experiment with different design options and create unique designs quickly.

3. Take advantage of AI-powered tools: The platform offers a range of AI-powered tools that can save you time and effort in design and writing. These tools take care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of the process.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make the most of the Designs.ai platform and create high-quality designs.

Final Takeaways

Designs.ai is a robust platform that offers creative professionals a range of tools and resources to make their design process efficient, effective, and accessible. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced designer, the platform’s intuitive interface and AI-powered tools can help you create stunning designs quickly and easily.

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