It is estimated that 1.2 trillion photos were snapped globally in 2021, 1.72 trillion in 2022, and 1.81 trillion in 2023 (and, the year isn’t over yet). This data shouts out that photos matter significantly in today’s digital age.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to enhance your brand, a content creator aiming to engage your audience, or a professional photographer seeking to deliver top-notch images, the quality of your photos is crucial.

While it’s easier than ever to click pictures with a smartphone, there’s still the problem of those pictures not being ready for professional use. They may come out blurry or contain objects that shouldn’t be there.

That’s where an image editing AI tool like Cleanup.Pictures can help. This blog guides you through how you can use this AI tool for image retouching to create images that appeal to your audience.

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What is Cleanup.Pictures?

This is an online AI-powered image editing tool. It enables you to quickly and effectively remove watermarks, unwanted objects, people, defects, or text from your images without any prior technical knowledge. 

How Does Cleanup.Pictures Work?

The tool runs advanced deep learning algorithms and neural networks to understand the content of your images. It analyzes the elements within the image, including patterns, textures, and the overall context.

Then, it processes this understanding to make informed decisions about how to modify the image while maintaining a natural look. This ensures that these changes enhance the image’s visual appeal without making it appear over-edited or artificial. 

In other words, Cleanup Pictures strikes a balance between improving the image and preserving its natural look.

What Is The Difference Between Cleanup.Pictures and Other Photo Cleaners?

Typically, traditional image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop are not suited for beginners who don’t have a design background or a deep understanding of the tool’s interface. In contrast, Cleanup Pictures excels in its simplicity and precision.

While it may not allow you to edit images at the level you can with Adobe, you don’t necessarily even need the frills that come with it. Cleanup.Pictures does what most non-designers want to do with their images, and no more. More importantly, it does so without needing a crash course on how to use the tool itself.

In other words,  you can achieve the desired results in just a few clicks, without the need for extensive background knowledge or complex reference points. 

In contrast, conventional non-AI tools may demand more time, effort, and expertise to achieve the same level of precision and efficiency. 

Benefits of Choosing Cleanup.Pictures For Image Editing

This tool offers a range of advantages that make your photo editing experience seamless and rewarding:

  • Saves Time and Effort: Cleanup.Pictures is powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It saves you valuable time and effort. It also frees you from the need to learn the traditional photo editing tools.
  • Helps Edit Images On-the-go: This tool is a web-based application. You can access it from any device, be it your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. This flexibility means you can edit your photos at your convenience.
  • Retains Image Authenticity: During the cleanup process, the tool ensures that your images stay high-quality devoid of unwanted blurriness or distortions.
  • Is Easy To Use: Its user interface is intuitive. It allows the cleaning up of photos with just a few clicks. Even a beginner with no prior editing experience can easily use this tool.
  • Secures Data: Cleanup.Pictures processes your photos securely without unnecessary storage or retention. This gives you peace of mind while you edit.

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How to Start Editing Images With Cleanup.Pictures?

It takes just three steps to edit images with Cleanup.Pictures:

Step 1: Upload the image you want to edit.

For this blog, we selected an image from the pre-existing image library.

Step 2: Use the brush tool to remove the unwanted objects.

You can adjust the size of the brush to make precise edits.

Step 3: Download the cleaned-up image to your computer. 

Use Cases of Cleanup.Pictures

Cleanup.Pictures can be used across different scenarios

As you read along this section, take a look at the sample screenshots. The image on the right showcases the outcome of the image-cleaning process. You’ll notice that the results closely resemble the original photo. 

For Photographers

Cleanup.Pictures enables photographers to:

  • Eliminate time stamps and erase unwanted tourists from holiday photos before delivering the final prints to their clients.
  • Enhance portrait photos, ensuring they become the perfect profile pictures.
  • Easily erase unsightly cracks or imperfections from old photographs. You can bring cherished family photos or vintage shots back to life.

For Realtors 

Real Estate agents can use to eliminate unwanted objects from their property photos. You can present the property in its most appealing and neutral form. This includes any personalized decorations, family photos, or idiosyncratic design elements. 

For Creatives 

If you run a creative agency, you need to create designs at scale. While you may not be able to use Cleanup.Pictures to do more complex design work, you can use it to simplify the more repetitive tasks, such as preparing the images for ad campaigns or social media posts.
Need something cropped? Done. Need to remove some shadows? Done. 

Plus, you can remix existing photos by replacing parts with your own to create more tailored images. 

This means that you can design stunning and unique compositions for ad campaigns, social media content, or any creative project with relative ease.


With Cleanup.Pictures, you can create the perfect product shot. This results in more appealing product listings that can drive better sales.

The tool also allows e-commerce businesses to upload product photographs directly to social media platforms like Instagram, saving valuable time in the image editing process.   

Developers API

If you’re a developer and you want to upgrade your product, then you can explore the tool’s API documentation to see how you can easily integrate this feature into your software or app. Essentially, it’s your toolkit for making your design even better.

Cleanup Pictures: Pricing Plan

The tool provides users with a choice of 4 distinct pricing plans

One key feature of this tool is that it allows you to edit images without any restrictions on the free plan. However, there’s a catch – the export file resolution is limited. 

To decide which plan suits you best, check the screenshot below for a quick comparison.

Key Takeaways

Cleanup.Pictures provides a simpler alternative to the usual complex and time-consuming nature of traditional photo editing tools. Its standout feature is the incorporation of advanced AI technology, which makes photo enhancement accessible to both beginners and those without technical skills. 

The intuitive interface removes obstacles for amateurs and individuals unfamiliar with editing. It simplifies intricate tasks and ensures a more efficient and faster process. The focus is on achieving professional-grade results without unnecessary complications.


How does the platform ensure the quality of the photo cleanup?

The platform uses cutting-edge AI technology that has been trained on vast datasets. This ensures that the cleanup process retains the photo’s quality.

What image resolutions can Cleanup.Pictures handle?

You can import and edit pictures of any size in this tool. But image export is limited to 720px for the free version. There is no size limit for the Pro version. 

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can clean up online?

Cleanup.Pictures offers a free plan. There is no limitation to the number of images to be edited in the free plan. 

Can I use Cleanup.Pictures on both mobile and desktop?

Yes, this tool is a web-based application. You can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Is my data safe with Cleanup.Pictures?

Yes. The tool prioritizes user privacy. It ensures that all uploaded photos are processed securely.

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