As an AI enthusiast, I’ve been reading up on AI text-to-image generation tools for a while now.  Each claims to offer unique and innovative features, and Gencraft is no exception. 

With just a simple prompt, Gencraft can generate stunning images that enhance your digital assets’ look and feel. It does particularly well with illustration-style images – anime, cyberpunk, mythological scenes, etc. If you’re looking for an AI creative tool to produce images and videos for video games, YouTube and social content, blog posts, and even marketing campaigns, Gencraft is worth a look.

Importantly, you don’t need any design acumen to work on it. Gencraft is designed for anyone and everyone, and on its website, it claims to be the world’s most powerful AI photo and video art generation engine.

So how does Gencraft work, what are its limitations, and how can you make the most of it? In this post, I’ll give you the lowdown on its features, performance, and real-world applications. Let’s get started.

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How to Get Started With Gencraft

Setting up a new Gencraft account is simple:

  1. Go to the Gencraft website —
  2. Click Log In.
  3. Sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

After the sign-up is complete, Gencraft is ready to use. 

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Exploring Gencraft

The platform is neat and clean, with no frills. Users can enter the text prompt (up to 250 characters) in the white text box.

Then, select ‘Image’ or ‘Video’ for the desired output. 

You can use the ‘Advanced Settings’ feature at the bottom of the text box for detailed or specific effects in the output. Using the ‘Exclude from result’ field can help you eliminate similar concepts and usages of the word.

Use advanced effects for more control over your AI image in Gencraft.

The ‘Surprise Me’ feature to inspire creativity is on the top right of the text box, and that’s a great place to start if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for and need inspiration.

I input my first prompt for an image without selecting any style. 

Text Prompt: A coastal road along a turquoise sea

Visual Output: Within 30 seconds, I received 2 options for images. The output was pretty accurate and visually appealing.

AI image prompt in Gencraft.

Next, I put the same prompt but selected ‘video’ as the output. 

Visual Output: Here, Gencraft disappointed me. Everything was wrong, from the quality and color grading to the type of shot and appeal. Furthermore, this video lasted for 2 seconds only. 

This can perhaps be fixed with better prompts that specify the desired length & purpose of the video in the prompt itself. 

Example of an AI video generator prompt in Gencraft.

I wondered if I could get longer videos after upgrading my account. But I didn’t find any relevant info from the website or any credible source on the Internet. So, I stuck to the free mode and continued my testing.

Next, I wanted to see if the tool would allow me to create diverse images. I was especially interested in knowing how the tool captures the small details. 

So, in my next prompt, I decided to use human subjects and add specific details about the output I was looking for.

Text Prompt: 5 kids playing in the park with a big ball. The kids are wearing colorful clothes. Three of them are girls. Two of them are boys. 

A cute dog runs along with the kids. The park is green. There is a massive tree in the background. It is daytime and sunny.

Visual Output: There was a difference between the 2 image options.

Example of different visual output created by the Gencraft AI image generator.

Left side image: There are only 4 kids. The dog is missing. A random limb is seen below the tree. A brown spherical object is seen on the top right. 

The kids’ facial features aren’t etched right. Their eyes, nose, ears, and lips can barely be seen.

Right side image: Here, there are 5 kids, a dog, and a ball. But the 5th kid is too far to be noticeable at first glance. But between the 2 options, this one is more in sync with the prompt.

I got an inkling to check the video output of the same text prompt.

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Visual Output: This time too, the video disappointed me. 

Blurry visuals. Too fast-paced. It was so fast that I couldn’t even determine whether the video showcased 5 kids (per my text prompt). Also, the dog was missing.

I viewed the same clip thrice but couldn’t find what I was looking for. My patience was thinning.

Low quality image produced by an AI image generator.

After trying out prompts with non-living things and humans in my text prompt, I tried an abstract output. 

Text Prompt: A laptop with wings flying into outer space. A dragon in outer space looks at the laptop and breathes out fire. 

Visual Output: None of the image options exactly matched my text prompt. The dragon sure looked ferocious. But where are the laptop’s wings? Perhaps they got destroyed in the dragon’s fire. Who knows? 

Examples of generative AI image output not always hitting the mark.

Left with just 5 prompts on my free plan, I decided to explore Gencraft’s other capabilities.

Below the white text box, Gencraft offers 30 styles to customize the output. Now, that’s quite a range! I decided to try the ‘anime’ style for my next output.

Text Prompt: 2 fierce warriors fighting outside a dilapidated structure. Sun is setting in the background.

Visual Output: The image options appeal visually. But if a fresh pair of eyes were to take a look at these images, they may find it difficult to guess if the 2 characters are fighting.

Two examples of AI images that don't illustrate exactly what the prompt requested.

I explored more customization styles. And, with every attempt, I discovered Gencraft delivers stunning visuals, more or less. Take a look at the images below.

Gencraft anime style images of a house in an empty field.

If I were using Gencraft to produce images to illustrate a story, I would be thrilled with this output.

It doesn’t always deliver exactly what the prompt requested, but that’s not unique to this tool. As generative AI algorithms improve and they have access to more and more training images, we can expect the quality of their output to improve rapidly.

Gencraft Pros

Gencraft offers the following benefits.

Easy to Use

Anybody can use Gencraft. The user need not have design or technical skills.

User-friendly Interface

The tool’s user interface is simple and easy to use. It provides a list of the user’s previous creations for future reference. The user can revisit and share past works.


Gencraft offers a wide range of styles to users to customize the look, color, and feel of their images. Users can choose from 30 different styles to generate images. These styles include 

  • Mythology
  • Mystical
  • Nature
  • Streetwear
  • Wedding venue
  • Cosmic
  • Cyberpunk
  • Gaming
  • Luxury
  • Makeup
  • Oil painting

Diverse Range of Content

With Gencraft, users can create images and videos of almost anything they can imagine, from landscapes to characters to products.

Free Prompts

The tool offers 10 free prompts every day. Users can experiment with the tool before opting for paid mode.

Flexible Pricing

Users can opt for up to 25 prompts per day at $5 per week or unlimited prompts at $10 per week. This pricing structure allows users to choose a plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Fast Results

Gencraft helps generate artwork within 30 seconds. This is especially useful for time-sensitive projects or when users must create a large content volume.


Hiring a professional designer can be expensive. But Gencraft helps create artwork at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-Device Accessibility

This AI tool is available across all devices, including web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Gencraft: Drawbacks

No tool or software is perfect. Here are some of the limitations of using Gencraft.

Still Evolving Algorithm

The tool’s algorithm is not perfect. In my testing, there were cases where the AI-generated image or video didn’t accurately reflect my intended meaning or description. 

Based on my experience with AI tools in general, I think Gencraft either struggles to comprehend the details provided in the text prompt or relies heavily on the user’s prompt being very specific. 

I’m unsure if a more detailed and accurate prompt may help. But it is worth noting that not all users would be blessed with the gift of language and a good vocabulary to express their thoughts. Instead, they would expect the tool to evaluate their prompt and use some kind of applied intelligence.

This limitation may be disappointing and challenging for users wanting to create original, visually striking works.

This probably brings us nicely to the answer to the question: will AI Image Generators replace creative designers & artists? 

As this tool (and others I’ve tried so far) show – not really. The good ones are here to stay, and at least until these tools can advance to a level of “applied intelligence”. 

Again, more testing is needed to understand this tool further, as my findings were quite preliminary. Experiment on your own and see if you can get it to do what you’d like it to do.

Definition of Styles Required

While Gencraft offers a wide range of styles to choose from, it doesn’t give users any helpful guides to understand the distinction between those styles & how to best utilize those for their use cases. 

For instance, how would users know the difference between the ‘Ukiyo-e’ and ‘Anime’ styles? Even after using both styles, not every user can choose the right style for their output. A user guide can be handy here. 

I hope the Gencraft team can add a small preview panel as part of the interface wherein users can preview their output in all available styles.

Internet Connection Required

Gencraft requires an internet connection to work. Users may be unable to use the tool in areas with poor connectivity.


A paid account is needed to download images without any watermarks. Free account users can surely try the tool and experiment with it, but they can’t use watermarked images for professional applications. 

In this way, the tool makes it mandatory for users to opt for the paid mode.

Content Policy

Gencraft’s usage is subject to its content policy. This may limit the type of content created with the tool.

My Take on Gencraft AI

I was quite impressed overall with the quality of Gencraft’s AI images. Of course, some were subpar, and the videos lacked depth and clarity. But I can see how this tool could be helpful for many creatives who lack the design and illustrator tools to produce original artwork.

What I appreciated the most was the tool’s turn-around time. 

I would recommend Gencraft for industries where users want to design imaginative settings, characters, and innovative designs – it could be great for gaming, for example.

I wouldn’t recommend Gencraft for professional projects requiring realistic, high-quality images. 

Overall, Gencraft is a good tool to :

  • Stimulate your creativity.
  • Facilitate learning in art and design courses.
  • Design simple artwork for blogs and social media posts.

Is Gencraft Really the Best AI Image Generator?

Gencraft, as an image-to-text generation AI tool, is interesting on paper. But, the platform falls short of delivering on its claim to be the most powerful Ai image and video generator. Its limitations significantly restrict its applications in professional settings. But it is certainly a tool worth exploring.

As you’re experimenting with AI image generators, you may want to check these out:

Each tool is an AI-powered image creator capable of producing stunning images. They possess unique strengths and have gained rave reviews for different reasons.

For instance, some recommend Midjourney for professional AI art generation. Others rate DALL-E 2 as excellent for its accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

I’m hopeful about Gencraft. As AI technology evolves, I’m excited to see its growth and explore its potential for professional applications in the future. 

For now, Gencraft is best for creative art and inspiring your imagination.

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