Just as AIVA enables non-musicians to compose royalty-free tracks and StarryAI empowers those lacking artistic ability to make beautiful images, LoopGenius has come along to simplify marketing processes and strategy for non-marketers, thanks to AI.

There’s a lot of noise in the marketing world. Some marketing gurus say you have to do trending TikToks and dance in front of a camera to get the most visibility, while others say developing a blog or taking advantage of targeted ads is the best way to bring in sales. Entrepreneurs are left with tidbits of information related to different channels, no definitive content strategy, and marketing experiments that fritter away time.

Imagine how effective your customer acquisition strategy can be if all the marketing channels you deploy work together with the sole focus of converting viewers to buying customers, and someone holds your hand from the start to help you get your first 100 target customers. This is exactly what LoopGenius does.

This guide will help you understand how it maps out your customers’ entire buyer journey and creates multiple touchpoints to eventually convert your prospects to sales. LoopGenius actually promises to get you your first 100 customers. Let’s see how it works.

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What is LoopGenius?

LoopGenius is an innovative tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to market your offerings to your target customers easily, effectively, and quickly. This tool is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or resources to learn how to build marketing strategies.

It can minimize the need for hiring outside marketing help, especially when used correctly.

You can use LoopGenius to build a personalized automated landing page for your product or services within 30 seconds, for example. Once you’re happy with what it creates, it will allow you to create social media content that you can use to send people to this particular landing page.

On your landing page, you can display a free promise in exchange for your customer’s working email, creating a conversion funnel that sends people from social media > landing page > email > landing page/social media.

A snippet from their “Loops” page.

This is where the “Loop” in the title comes in as your customers go around interacting with your brand in a loop and may eventually convert into paying customers.

Of course, experienced marketers may find the tool lacking and prefer to craft their own strategy. But for those who need an assist, this AI tool is worth checking out.

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What are Loops?

Once your product/service’s landing page is done, LoopGenius uses its “Loops” to craft content. The tool offers a variety of loops:

Thought Leadership Loop

This loop helps you to establish your industry credibility. It asks you to select recent industry news and then puts forth a series of questions to extract your unique perspective, advice, or commentary on the news. It then rephrases the information to craft impactful content. 

Tips & Tricks Loop

You can leverage this loop to showcase valuable resources, tools, and innovative solutions that tackle challenges faced by your peers and customers. This loop helps you deliver free value to your audience, showcasing your expertise and providing compelling reasons for them to engage with your offerings.

Recent Learnings Loop

Similar to the Tips & Tricks Loop, the Recent Learnings Loop allows you to share your insights and expertise to address common challenges. It presents yourself as relatable and empathetic figure, helping you establish a personal connection with your audience.

Share Your Journey Loop

You can illustrate your business growth or your journey to success through this loop. Showcase your progress, milestones, mindset, and the steps you’re taking to succeed. Give your audience an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes.

This establishes you as a real human being — furthering your connection with your audience.

The Success Story Loop

Highlight your customers’ successes with this loop. Craft narratives that showcase how your solutions helped customers overcome specific challenges. Capture attention with captivating storytelling that underscores the value of your offerings.

Each of them is designed to help you craft a different type of story based on your experience and knowledge from your business and industry.

An in-depth video that introduces new users to different types of “Loops”.

How Do Loops Differ from Other Social Media Content Created by AI?

While many AI tools can help you craft social media content, what sets this tool apart is that “Loops” content is not generic and a regurgitation of other popular stories out there. It’s designed to help you craft compelling content in your own voice and with your own unique insights.

The questions LoopGenius asks you are designed to act as a personal interview that extracts information about your business, industry, opinions, and expertise. They rephrase and expand your own responses artfully into engaging posts — which is what makes Loops effective.

LoopGenius also allows you to turn this content into short videos. However, this feature is currently only available on the waitlist. We think it will be worth checking out once it’s available for all to use.

Posting Content on Social Media

Once you are done creating social media content, you’ll see icons for publishing your content on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you select one of the icons, you’ll find an editable version of the post. You can edit the post if needed or post it directly to LinkedIn by clicking the Post button. 

After your post goes LIVE and your potential audience comes to the landing page, LoopGenius will then kick in with a free offer and call-to-action that asks users to supply an email to avail the promise.

Email Marketing Integration

After your potential customers sign-up for the promise you offer, you can open up your email provider and send them a personal one-to-one acknowledgment email. In this email, you can describe your services and how you can address their challenges or pain points. You can also set up automated emails via your email provider.

A video showing the process of conversions in LoopGenius

Why LoopGenius is Worth a Try

Here’s why LoopGenius is worth a shot:

LoopGenius Works as an All-in-One Marketing Ally

LoopGenius eliminates the need for creating marketing plans and assets manually. With just a simple prompt, it generates a landing page and social media content to go along with that that you can customize with your brand signage. You can create, publish, and even engage with your audience on social media from the tool itself.

Its future development includes really cool features that will allow users to do even more, such as mine comments from Youtube and Reddit to find people who need your services. You will then be able to reach out to said commenters to offer your services.

The tool only offers a basic Linkedin and Twitter Loop at the moment. Future development looks promising, though.

Learning from Others Can Shorten Your Learning Curve

If you subscribe to the pro version of the tool, you can jump into the LoopNation community to learn, share, and grow with fellow entrepreneurs. You get to learn from others who have similar challenges. These opportunities can quicken your learning curve and elevate your business success.

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How to Get Started with LoopGenius

LoopGenius currently offers two pricing plans. To get started with the tool, you’ll need to pick a plan first.

The early bird Pro Plan gives you access to the active LoopNation community. You also don’t have limits on how many landing pages and posts you create.

The free plan is great for testing the tool and figuring out if it’s worth the upgrade.

LoopGenius Plans

Once you’ve got your plan locked in, the website will guide you to create your account. You’ll get options to:

  • Enter your email and password, or
  • Use your Twitter or LinkedIn credentials.
Because the tool primarily offers Linkedin and Twitter Loops at the moment, you can directly sign in using those tools too.

Once you have signed in, you will be asked to watch a quick welcome video. Immediately after, you can start creating your landing page.

How to Create a Landing Page on LoopGenius

Step 1: Add your business name and some details about the challenges it solves for your ideal customers.

This will help the AI understand more about your business to create Loops and landing pages that match your offerings.

The landing page prompt we used on LoopGenius.

After you submit your business information, the tool will present a flowchart that maps out your conversion funnel.

How all parts of the “Loops” come together

Next, you will see a tab that prompts you to visit the newly-created landing page.

Here’s what it generated for us based on the prompt we provided:

Screengrabs of different sections of the landing page generated by LoopGenius AI.

Step 2: Once you have the landing page ready, you can start editing it to make it your own. You can add your brand colors, change the theme, or even edit the text content.

Editing the Landing Page

A] Switch the Theme to Get the Desired Look

You can choose to change the theme manually or automatically. 

To change the theme automatically, select the button: Switch Template at the bottom of the page.

The “Switch Template” button automatically swaps the landing page theme.

To change the theme manually, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top right corner. 
  2. Choose a template from the LoopGenius library. Each theme comes with a color palette. You can pick one that complements or matches your brand assets like the logo or current website.
Please Note: LoopGenius allows you to change the subdomain. To do so, click on the gear icon at the top right. If you have purchased the domain on a different hosting provider, you can connect that domain to the LoopGenius landing page by clicking Start Set-up. The custom domain is only available on the Pro plan. You can also click on the existing logo to replace it with your version. 

Check out how the previously generated landing page looks with a different theme. We tried the “switch template” button for this one.

Screenshots showing how the previous landing page looks after using the “Switch Theme” button.

Once you’re happy with the theme, you can move on to the next step.

B] Modifying the Content of the Landing Page on LoopGenius

LoopGenius allows you to edit every piece of text on the landing page, right from the headline and subheading to the body and call-to-action. Each part of the landing page is editable in sections. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the section you want to edit.
  2. Click anywhere in that box or click the edit button on the right-hand side. You’ll see a bar with options to edit that specific component of the landing page. 
  3. Make the required edits.
Rreinforce your understanding of editing a landing page on LoopGenius with this video.

Creating Social Media Content Using Loops

To get started, select the button: Choose Marketing Loop at the bottom of the page.

Button to choose the marketing loop. This button appears after you finalize your landing page.

LoopGenius will allow you to choose the primary marketing channels to help you connect with the right target audience and drive traffic to your landing page. 

These are the only Loops currently available on the free plan.

Let’s test the Thought Leadership Loop and see what it creates.

A flowchart showing how the Thought Leadership Loop works on LoopGenius

Follow these steps to create thought leadership content using Loops:

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the article that you want to offer a perspective on. Alternatively, you can paste the content of the article in a vacant box.
  2. Press Send.
  3. Answer a few questions from the tool.

When you share the link, the loop will read the article, find snippets related to this article, and ask you insightful questions based on it. It essentially tries to draw your perspectives on the article. 

Inserting the news article you would like thought leadership content on allows LoopGenius AI to ask the right questions to create your post.

If you don’t have an article in mind, you can check out the Recent News section on the right side of the page and look for relevant news articles in your industry. Note that not all news articles that you find here will be relevant to your topic, but it’s still worth exploring when you’re in a time crunch.

Once you’ve provided the AI with a news article (either via an external link or through their own Recent News library), it will capture your responses and start creating content for Linkedin and Twitter.

We tested the tool with a URL to a Local SEO post we found on Linkedin, and here’s what it created:

LinkedIn post content generated by the Thought Leadership Loop
Tweets generated by the Thought Leadership Loop

Considering we used a relatively generic news article, the output is not bad.

Final Takeaways

LoopGenius is a unique tool that automates the creation of marketing content that funnels people to the desired landing page.

Even if you don’t understand the different parts that go into a marketing funnel, you can set those up with LoopGenius. Their Youtube channel has resources that can also help you understand how to make the most of it.

By automating smaller pieces of the marketing funnel, it can free up some of your time — allowing you to focus more on your core business.

LoopGenius: FAQs

How does LoopGenius leverage AI without sacrificing personalization?

LoopGenius leverages AI to enhance personalization, not diminish it. 

Their AI algorithms analyze your business information and preferences to tailor marketing strategies and content that resonate with your target audience. This ensures that your marketing efforts are efficient and uniquely suited to your business goals.

What kind of technical support is available for LoopGenius users?

The LoopGenius team provides comprehensive technical support through various channels, including email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. Their dedicated support team is ready to assist with any questions, troubleshooting, or guidance.

How does LoopGenius ensure the security of data and business information?

LoopGenius team claims that security of your data is their top priority as they understand the importance of safeguarding your business information. Your data is protected using advanced encryption protocols and stringent security measures.

Can I integrate LoopGenius with my existing marketing tools and platforms?

Absolutely. LoopGenius is designed to integrate with various marketing tools and platforms seamlessly. Whether you use email marketing software, social media management tools, or analytics platforms, LoopGenius can work in harmony with your existing tools to enhance your overall marketing strategy.

How does LoopGenius handle content generation? Is the AI-generated content high quality and human-like?

LoopGenius employs advanced AI algorithms to generate content that aligns with your business voice and goals. The AI aims to create content that is not only high quality but also human-like in tone and style. You can review and customize the generated content to ensure it matches your brand identity before it’s published.

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