Have you ever stumbled across an important article online that you knew you should have read but didn’t, because it was just too long? It would have been easier if someone had read it to you. We all know reading is valuable, but it takes time, effort, and strain—especially if you have to stare at your screen.

This is why videos have so much more traction online and why people prefer reading content from websites that utilize text-to-speech (TTS) engines. TTS machines give a voice to texts, which makes reading smooth and engaging.

There are many text-to-speech engines available out there. Murf.AI is among the most popular options, and it stands out for good reason. In this review, we will explore Murf as one of the best text-to-speech machines out there.

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What is Murf AI?

Murf AI, founded in October 2020 by Sneha Roy, Ankur Edkie, and Divyanshu Pandey, is an advanced voice-generation tool headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their vision is to transform the written text into remarkably lifelike voiceovers.

Murf AI uses deep learning and sound cloning technology to produce human-sounding voices in many languages. These voices cover a selection of over 120 talking styles, each so impressive you could use them undetected for podcasts, video ads, and audiobooks. 

Benefits of Using Murf AI

Save Time and Money Creating Videos

Using Murf AI is straightforward and less time-consuming. You input your text, select your preferences, and Murf generates a voice for your video quickly, within minutes. It speeds up the process for you compared to hiring a freelance voice artist which takes longer because of communication, recording, and delivery timelines. 

Over 120 Voices Across 20 Languages

Murf AI Voices stands out because of their variety, notably their natural and realistic sound. You can customize the voices to your taste and choose the right pitch, emphasis, and pacing adjustments. 

Media Assets

Murf AI’s media assets offer a professional touch to your content and provide the flexibility to convey precise moods and themes. You can upload your files or select from a library of music and sound effects: millions of stock music tracks, images, and video assets available in Murf. 

Easy and Intuitive 

We celebrate Murf AI for its user-friendly interface and intuitive usability. Murf caters to both novice and experienced content creators. It streamlines your workflow and simplifies the process from mere text to post-ready videos. 

Key Features of Murf AI

Text-to-speech: Transform written content into lifelike AI voiceovers across over 20 languages and various accents. Murf employs many quality checks and linguistic analyses to maintain the precision and authenticity of generated voice content.

Create Engaging Videos: Gain access to millions of images, music, and video assets for crafting a video from scratch. Just choose from a variety of AI voices—ranging from young to old, different ethnicities, genders, and characteristics—to find the perfect fit for your project.

Canva Add-On: Murf AI provides a handy add-on for Canva. You can integrate Murf AI voices into your Canva-made videos and presentations, allowing you to maintain top-notch quality within the Canva platform.

Google Slides: Murf AI offers a convenient add-on for Google Slides. This add-on allows you to create and share more interactive presentations directly within Google Slides.

Murf API: To scale your operations with Murf AI, your developers can integrate their API into your applications and websites. Murf API can make your applications read instructions or articles, blogs, and web pages aloud.

Voice Cloning: Make your own AI voice at home. Just record and upload a freestyle or scripted audio, and within seconds, the AI will turn it into a professionally recorded voice. 

Collaboration tools: Add multiple users to your account and create separate workspaces for workers of different categories to work simultaneously on your projects.

How to Use Murf AI:

Visit Murf.ai, locate the signup button on the top right corner of the screen, and click through. Sign up, you can use your Google, Microsoft, or Slack account—for teams. After you have created your account, you will have access to the main page.

A screenshot of Murf AI's login page

Access the Studio Home Screen

A screenshot of Murf AI's homepage

   – Navigate to the Studio Home Screen and click the “Create Project” button.

Start Your Project

A screenshot guide on creating a project with Murf AI

   – Provide a name for your project.

   – Select the video tab and opt for the social media format.

   – Click “Create Project”.

Choose Your Murf AI Voice

A screenshot of voices available on Murf AI

   – On the next screen, select an AI voice.

   – Click “Explore AI Voices” or use the dropdown to see options.

   – Toggle “Hide Pro Voices” if using the free version.

   – Use filters for location, gender, age, or use case.

   – Preview voices and select your preferred one.

   – Click “Select” to confirm.

Craft Your Video Script

A screenshot guide from Murf AI

   – Write your script or use external tools like Jasper or ChatGPT.

   – Click the play icon to generate the audio clip.

   – Preview the clip once generated.

Adjust Audio Settings

A screenshot of MurfAI's editing studio

   – After generating audio, use settings like tone, pitch, speed, and pause.

   – Modify as needed for a natural-sounding voice.

Expand Your Script

A screenshot guide for Murf AI

   – Add more text by clicking the “+ Add a Block” button.

   – Continue creating your voiceover piece by piece.

Add Media

A screenshot of Murf AIs stock music

   – Murf AI provides stock media assets: music, images, and videos.

   – Click the “Add Media” tab, search, and preview assets.

   – Easily add selected media to your project.

Use Voice Changer Features (Optional):

A screenshot of Murf AIs Voice changer

   – Add an audio sample and let Murf AI transcribe it.

   – Edit the transcribed text on the timeline.

   – Make necessary audio adjustments for tone or pitch.

Export or Save (Upgrade for Export)

   – Note: In the free version, projects are saved but cannot be exported.

   – Consider upgrading if you wish to export your projects.

Crafting an AI voiceover with Murf AI is a breeze, offering customization for a realistic touch.

Pros and Cons of Murf AI

Let’s explore Murf AI’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Murf AI offers over 120 realistic AI voices in various accents, ages, and styles
  • It saves time and money by eliminating the need for professional voice actors
  • It is a simple and efficient interface for quick navigation and task completion
  • It supports over 20 languages for global accessibility


  • The Free plan doesn’t allow downloads; you need to upgrade before you can export. 
  • Adjusting pitch and tone could be more user-friendly
  • Users report occasional bugs in the voice-over-video tool
  • There are potential security concerns with voice cloning

Murf AI Pricing

A screenshot of Murf AIs pricing plan

You can explore the AI with some limits if you opt for the free plan.

The Basic plan starts at $19/month, billed annually.

The Pro plan is $26/month

And the Enterprise plan goes for $75/month for 5 users.

Final Thoughts on Murf AI

The ongoing updates and improvements in Murf AI’s speech technology provide confidence in its continuous evolution. As technology progresses, the potential that Murf AI holds for content creators is truly exciting. For those in search of an AI voice generation tool with top-notch AI voices, Murf AI stands out as a compelling choice.