Marketers and creatives have been having a field day with generative AI tools lately. Your Facebook feed is probably flooded with pictures generated by Midjourney, but it’s hardly the only GenAI for art in the market. Wombo Dream is another useful AI art generator worth testing out, and it’s available on iOS and Android.

Wombo Dream is a game-changer for turning AI creativity into something marketable. Features like computer vision-powered 3D modeling, cutting-edge style transformations, and viral filters that make selfies look ultra-realistic are now available to the masses.

Let’s take a look at Wombo Dream and see what this AI art generator can do.

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What Makes Wombo Dream Different?

Wombo Dream is a text-to-image AI generator that transforms your text description of the image you want to create into digital artwork. You can create digital artwork for NFTs, social media, and marketing materials – or to amuse yourself.

Wombo Dream is more beginner-friendly than advanced GenAI image generators like Midjourney, which requires that you add information like style to your prompt. In WD, enter your prompt, pick an art style (such as realistic v2, Horror v2, anime, or Steampunk), and it does the work for you. If you haven’t memorized the art styles from various eras or are not articulate about what your image’s characteristics should be, choosing a style from a visual reference in this way can help you get started much quicker.

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Wombo Dream Features

The user interface is pleasant on the eyes, minimalistic, and uncluttered. You can switch from a light to a dark theme with the sun and moon icon. Here are some of the features that make it a great option:

  • Wombo features a free, open-source tool for creating any frame on mobile. You can also play around with the app before committing to it as a “guest” without creating an account.
  • You can choose from 90+ art styles, ranging from Buliojourney v2 to Ukiyoe.
  • Wombo has an “edit with text” feature. You can also add your own images and edit those with a text prompt. Both features are still in beta, but can you imagine how easy social media posts can be with this?
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Google, and Apple stores.
  • Wombo provides six text prompt ideas (in case you aren’t sure where to start) and allows you to customize your own prompts. Every design is unique without repetition.
  • This tool provides options for Remix NFTs, Mint as NFT, and print artwork. Images and videos can also be downloaded without watermarks.
  • It features a discord community for members.

Getting Started with Wombo Dream

The user interface of Wombo Dream is simple and intuitive, with everything laid out for easy understanding.

Screenshot of Wombo Dream workspace

After your free Sign up, you are greeted by this workspace to start generating art. In the free version, you can only access one image variation until you upgrade to premium.

Dream by Wombo art created using Prompt: Kill man for hire, Style: Steampunk v2
Wombo Dream Prompt: Kill man for hire, Style: Steampunk v2

Given that it was a really simple text prompt, this is actually a quality result. I tried different styles on Dream by Wombo, and Steampunk is my favorite. (Don’t ask how I thought of such a thrilling prompt, but I think it definitely got what I had in mind and did it justice!)

Here are some of the other images generated in that session:

I was totally expecting Elon Musk to be chilling in beachwear, soaking up the sun. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I got something totally different. But the real kicker was his face; it looked like him, but something was off. It was all warped and distorted.

Text-to-image AIs have always had their quirks and glitches, and this seems like just another one of those weird defects. I am going to try to fix up his face with the “edit with text” feature. This feature is still in beta, but let’s see how it could help.

Screenshot of Wombo Dream "edit with text" feature.

Long story short, it didn’t work. At all.

I’m hopeful that it’s just because it’s still in beta, and developers are able to improve this feature. It’s slightly horrifying in its current state.

Dream by Wombo art edited with text to arrange deformed face and created using Prompt: Elon Musk chilling on the beach, Style: Realistic v2
Elon Musk Picture after using the “Edit with text feature. Definite Fail!

The “edit with text” feature seems really promising, and I look forward to checking it out again once it’s fully ready. If you are reading this a few months from when this article was published, it might be fully ready, and you would definitely want to check it out.

After getting your desired output, click “finalize.” You can name your artwork, add a tag, and find extra options like “mint as NFT” and “print artwork.”

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However, once you click download, you are given three options: Download “original,” “background images,”  and “video.” If you click “original,” you get the image with the watermarks, which might not be suitable. You should click “background image” to get your images without the Dream by Wombo watermarks.

Pros and Cons of Wombo Dream


  • The text-to-image generation is simple but great, and selecting the desired output style is straightforward.
  • The tool shows tips & sample descriptive texts to use for new users, making it really easy to navigate.
  • Image generation takes only a few seconds.
  • Wide range of style combinations and great options to customize images to taste.
  • Wombo is beginner friendly and easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile.
  • Features are not limited to either desktop or mobile; both platforms have full capabilities without any glitches (With the exception of image size and aspect ratio.)
  • Offers up to 200 characters on input prompts, allowing users to give detailed descriptions of what they want.
  • The roadmap of the app is promising. Wombo Dream is scaling fast, frequently launching updates and bringing in new cool features.


  • The aspect ratio is only vertical for desktops and doesn’t create 16:9, which is the most popular. 
  • Doesn’t creates horizontal images on desktops. This can be a letdown, especially for YouTubers looking to use it to generate video covers. However, this feature is available on the mobile app.
  • The “edit with text” feature didn’t do what it promised for me. But because it’s still in beta, we may expect better results as new features launch.

Wombo Dream Pricing

This tool is free to use but has a subscription plan that gives you access to exclusive features like:

  • More available styles.
  • Four different variations of text prompts rather than just one which the free version provides.
  • Quicker generation time for images.
  • Exclusive Discord membership to connect with other AI artwork creators.
  • Option to save images and view dreams as a video.
  • Ability to make three variations from your favorite output.

These could prove useful for people looking for extensive features like the ability to use the artwork in a video. Play around with the free version and see if it’s worth an upgrade for your requirements.

Wombo Dream Subscription

  • Monthly plans – $9.99
  • Annually plans – $89.99 (featuring three days free trial and 30% off the accumulated monthly plans for a year)
  • Lifetime Subscription – $169.99

Wombo Dream: Final Verdict

Be creative with Wombo; it’s mostly free! You can have fun with it and decide if it’s worth an upgrade for you.

In the months ahead, Wombo might be able to scale above its downsides and create even better results.

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