Lately, I’ve been dabbling in amateur photography and looking for a user-friendly photo editing app to enhance my photos easily. A dear friend, a professional photographer, recommended an AI photo editing tool called Fotor. 

It’s neither complicated nor too basic, which is precisely what I need. I don’t want to spend much time and effort learning a new tool. Thankfully, I found its features easy to use, and the output added just a little touch of magic to my snaps! 

In this guide, I’ll share my early experiences with Fotor and show you how to use this AI photo editor and image generator, some key features, and examples of its photo editing capabilities. Learn how to use Fotor to make your holiday pictures or marketing campaign materials even more Instagram-friendly.

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What is Fotor AI?

Fotor is a multi-platform photo editing and graphic design tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology in:

  • Photo Editing. The tool has advanced AI-driven editing tools including a photo enhancer, background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, and more.
  • Design Creation. Fotor offers more than 100,000 ready-to-use templates and creative content for graphic design and photo collages. All of this is done within minutes and without much effort.
  • AI Generation. It includes a battery of AI tools, including AI Image Generator, AI Background Remover, and AI Photo Enhancer. 

Fotor is available as an online dashboard, a downloadable desktop version, and a mobile app for on-the-go editing. Each of the three platforms offers a decent user experience. 

How to Get Started With Fotor

Visit the Fotor website or head over to your app store to download and install the app. Once you’re all set up, a sleek and intuitive interface will greet you. 

Exploring the Fotor Interface

I decided to test the website first. I created my account, and instantly, it seemed I landed in an abyss of creativity. 

Check out the diversity of the photo editing tools available:

I hovered my cursor over the ‘Create’ menu. It has a decent stack of neatly arranged design solutions for diverse purposes. I’m impressed ?

All in all, Fotor is a buffet of AI image editing capabilities. I love it, but if you’re looking for a one-click photo editing app and don’t want to think about the process, you may find its sheer abundance of features overwhelming. 

Still, give Fotor a shot. Try one feature at a time. Embrace the process — you may not even need all the features, but some of those highlighted below may be useful.

Photo Editing on Fotor

Get started by clicking ‘Edit a photo’ on the web banner right at the top of the Home Page, which transports you to the workspace.

The workspace is clutter-free, with a left sidebar panel listing the tools within different categories: Smart Tools, Size, Brightness & Color, Advanced Edits, and Specialized Edits

It took me some time to determine what each tool does. (Dear Fotor Team: If you’re listening, a user guide or some intuitive pop-up tips could be helpful to add for first-time users. At present, they have done this with only the 3 tools within the Smart Tools section. The pop-up descriptions within the Smart Tools section are concise and beneficial.) 

How to Upload a Photo in the Fotor Photo Editing Tool

You can import photos from their device’s gallery or select a ready-to-use photo. I chose the latter option and selected the photo below. It’s vibrant, pleasant, and a great baseline picture for experimenting with the tool. 

If you want to learn basic functions like cropping and image brightening, check out this Fotor Guide to Cropping Photos

For this post, I wrote about the three features within the Smart Tools category — Background Remover, AI Enlarger, and Magic Remove.

Background Remover

I started the tool testing by removing the background of the photo:

In one word: Perfecto

I moved on to the next feature.

AI Enlarger

This feature allows users to enlarge their images while preserving their clarity. Let’s say you have a small or low-resolution photo. When you use the AI Enlarger feature in Fotor, the AI algorithms analyze the image and enhance it during the enlargement process.

This AI Enlarger feature is particularly valuable when it comes to printing large-format photos or creating high-resolution images for presentations or professional use. 

The enlarged version doesn’t look unnatural or pixelated, and is much sharper. 

It’s impressive, to say the least. It’s worth noting that an output like that can’t be easily achieved when resizing a photo without the assistance of AI algorithms. Enlargement of images usually results in pixelation, which the Fotor AI was able to completely prevent! 

Here’s the output: 

It’s easy to spot the enhanced visual quality in the right panel. The resolution of the output increased to 2400px x 3360px from 1200px x 1680px, making it much more print-friendly.

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Creating a New Design in Fotor

Select the corresponding Home Page web banner option to create a design or collage.

Making Designs in Fotor

This workspace UI differs from the photo editing tool and offers numerous templates. Some of them can be used only in the paid mode. 

I opted for one of those pre-made templates to save time (and some design-related embarrassment). I wanted to test how simple the design creation process is (you know… for those lazy, last-minute social media posts).

I then used Fotor to:

  • Convert one of the models into a cartoon. 
  • Remove the background in another photo.
  • Change the font type and font color for a part of the text.

The cartoon rendition doesn’t seem true to the photo. But surely it’s nothing a better prompt to Fotor AI won’t fix! 

The background removal is neat, and I could easily transition to a new font type and font size.

Creating a Collage in Fotor

You can find collage layouts in this workspace that vary in number and customization options. I selected a 2-frame layout, uploaded the images from my laptop, and created a collage effortlessly. 

If a user has already decided on the photos, creating a collage on Fotor shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Take a look at what I put together in a minute:

Not bad. Now, let’s check out the next set of tools that help users create art with AI from text prompts. 

AI Image Generation with Fotor

To access the AI tools, click the ‘AI Tools’ menu at the top of the Home Page. All of these tools serve different use cases.Here are my observations after trying each one.

AI Image Generator

The AI image generator converts text prompts to images. Choose from various styles including cartoon portraits, science fiction characters, and digital art.

My text prompt for AI Image Generator: [a big house on a snow-clad cliff overlooking the turquoise ocean, star-lit sky, highly detailed, digital painting, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, cinematic lighting]

Here’s what Fotor’s AI Image Generator produced:

AI Face Generator

This converts text prompts (age, gender, traits) to realistic face images from scratch within seconds. Choose from a range of styles, including 3D, anime, cyberpunk, and more.

My text prompt for AI Face Generator: [fair woman in her 30s, blue eyes, wearing earrings, blonde hair, high definition]

Here’s what Fotor’s AI Face Generator produced:

AI Art Generator

This feature converts text prompts into stunning artwork. Choose from various styles, including realistic drawings, oil painting portraits, and surrealistic digital art.

My text prompt for AI Art Generator: [a sketch of 2 smiling Japanese kids and a white cat. The style of the sketch should be realistic with fine details.]

Here’s what Fotor’s AI Art Generator produced:

AI Photo Effect

This Fotor feature converts a picture into a painting in seconds. Upload a picture and choose a painting filter. Fotor will turn the picture into a painting. You do not need to do any manual photo editing.

Original painting (sourced from public domain):

Here’s what Fotor’s AI Photo Effect produced: 

I didn’t test the remaining three AI tools — Photo Enhancer, Background Remover, and Object Remover — as these are functionally identical to the tools I tested during photo editing.

My Impressions of the Fotor AI Generation Tools

What Worked For Me: 

  • All Fotor AI generations tools are free.
  • They allow users to be creative and express their imagination.
  • The delivery time is quick — and the accuracy is not bad at all. 
  • Users can choose the output aspect ratio to customize the output for different social media platforms.
  • Fotor has a vast library of tutorials available for users. 

What Didn’t Work For Me:

  • The tools rely heavily on how well the user words the prompt. While that is true for any AI generation tool of any kind — I think a guide on creating better prompts can be helpful for imaginative but inarticulate users (like myself!) 

Fotor: Pros and Cons

After exploring the features and functionalities of Fotor, it was time to weigh the pros and cons of this photo editing tool. All Fotor AI generation tools are free, allowing users to express their imaginations creatively. The delivery time is quick, and the accuracy is not bad. Users can choose the output aspect ratio to customize the output for different social media platforms. Fotor has a vast library of tutorials available for users. 

However, Fotor’s tools rely heavily on how well users word the prompt. While that is true for any AI generation tool, I think a guide on creating better prompts can be helpful for imaginative but inarticulate users like myself. 

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Here are a few more pros and cons to consider if you’re evaluating Fotor for personal or business use. 

Fotor: Pros

✅ User-friendly interface for people of all skill levels (image editors with low skills or people without photo editing skills)

✅ AI-powered capabilities

✅ Wide range of tools, filters, and effects to edit images

✅ Impressive retouching capabilities, particularly for portrait editing

✅ Professional design features

✅ Intuitive and quick learning curve

✅ No need for high-end devices to function smoothly

✅ Time-saving

✅ Flexibility to choose among platforms

✅ Software available for Mac and Windows and Apps available for iOS and Android

Fotor: Cons

❌ Limited advanced features for professional photographers and graphic designers

❌ Watermark on the free version

❌ Limited capabilities in the free version

❌ Difficulty in doing deep image retouching 

❌ Inability to design images from scratch

How Much Does Fotor Cost?

Fotor offers a free version with tools and features for basic to moderate photo editing. But the final output that you would download will have the official watermark. 

You’ll need to upgrade to the paid version to download without the watermark and use advanced features. You can find the Fotor Pricing here.

Key Takeaways

After exploring Fotor’s features and weighing the pros and cons, I believe that Fotor balances user-friendliness and great functionality. 

It’s great for enhancing photos, creating eye-catching visuals, or retouching photos. But it doesn’t have the in-depth photography tools, brushes, and plugins found in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Therefore, Fotor may not be professional photographers’ best photo editing app. 

It’s helpful for average users who don’t need the vast tool suite that professional photo editing apps offer.

Unlike Canva (and similar competitors), Fotor doesn’t have templates to create specific social media posts. The user needs to plug & play with the elements on their own, so it’s not the ideal app for designing social media posts. 

On the other hand, Fotor has a rich suite of editing tools for photos & can help in prepping key design assets like raw photos for the design process. 

Their free plan should be enough if you’re interested in casually trying Fotor. You can spend some time with it and see if you need the full range of features the Fotor Premium plans offer. 

All things considered, Fotor has a lot to offer regarding user-friendliness for beginners and depth of features. Give Fotor a try and check for yourself. Happy editing!

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