Today’s video generation AIs solve one of the biggest challenges of creating video content: the lack of resources such as an expensive camera, lighting fixtures, and video editing skills. HeyGen is one such AI video generator with features that make it an attractive option for business users.

It can create sleek videos for your business, and the best part is that you don’t even need to show your face. In this HeyGen guide, we will explore its features and show you how to edit videos like a pro – even if it’s your first time.

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What is HeyGen?

HeyGen is an AI video generation platform built to help users create professional-looking videos without any technical video editing knowledge.

HeyGen (Formerly Movio) was founded by Joshua Xu, an early Snapchat engineer who led multiple engineering projects, including AI cameras. The tool was initially designed for creating spokesperson videos but has been updated with interesting features like text-to-video, face swap, multi-scene videos, and more.

The platform currently gives users access to over 100 avatars, 300+ voices, and 40+ popular languages, making it suitable for use in different countries and for a wide range of individuals.

Why Use HeyGen for Video Creation?

Reduced cost for video creation: A lot of resources, time, and energy usually go into video creation. You can channel those resources and energy into something else using a tool like HeyGen. To maximize the video editing potential, you can sign up for the monthly plan, which starts at $24 when billed annually. This cost is still incredibly low compared to the traditional method of producing videos manually.

Creation of high-quality videos without any technical knowledge: You can do it, and I can do it. For the purpose of this video, we were able to create an advertising video for CreativeAIs as a complete beginner in HeyGen and video editing. Video creation couldn’t get easier.

An effective way to save money and time for content creators and marketing agencies: HeyGen is specifically helpful for content creators and marketing agencies as much of video creation and advertising is done there. This is a game changer and would revolutionize the entire video editing process.

Translation to different languages: With just a few clicks, videos can be translated into several languages. This eliminates translation and localization costs.

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You retain all copyrights: Unlike many AI generation tools that may impose copyright limitations, with HeyGen, you own commercial rights for all your videos – even with the free version.

Powerful integrations make it easy to get a lot done: HeyGen integrates seamlessly with ChatGpt for script generation (in case you are unsure what scripts to use.) It also integrates with Canva, allowing users to create graphics on Canva for use on HeyGen.

How to Use HeyGen for Your Video Creation

Step 1: Open the HeyGen website on your PC for an easy-to-use interface. Click on “Try HeyGen for Free” to get started. You can also use your mobile device or tablet to create a demo video, but please note that this application was designed to be used on a desktop, so the features are limited on mobile devices.

Screenshot of HeyGen's home page: HeyGen guide
HeyGen AI first look.

Step 2: Head over to templates in the left sidebar of the screen to get started with selecting over 200 templates in different categories, including advertisement, e-commerce, breaking news, etc.

Screenshot of HeyGen's Templates page
Selecting a template is easy on HeyGen.

You can select between landscape and portrait, depending on the purpose of the video and where you intend to use it.

All categories are available in landscape and portrait, so you don’t have to worry about the video aspect ratio not fitting any platform.

Step 3: Click on any template to play the preview video. If you like the previewed video, click on “Use This Template” to begin editing. Whichever template you choose, you can customize it to your taste.

Step 4: Click on Avatar in the sidebar to access many avatars with different dressings, ethnicities, and genders. HeyGen lets you create your avatar with a digital twin on a fixed or different background or generate your talking photo.

Screenshot of the avatar section of HeyGen's editing workspace
A preview of the video after choosing an avatar of choice.

Step 5: Type or paste your scripts with one sentence on each line in the text box and arrange them for every scene. You also have the liberty to upload your preferred audio script or record one on the platform using the microphone on your PC.

If unsure of your script, click the ChatGPT icon close to the text bar, insert your prompt, and get your script.

Step 6: Check out the elements in the left sidebar. There are a lot of stickers, images, videos, even music, and more exciting add-ons to create the perfect video. Select the ones that go with your desired vision for the video.

You’ll notice that the interface in the elements section is really similar to Canva, so there should be a minimal learning curve here.

Screenshot of the elements section of HeyGen's home page
Different elements are available on HeyGen for video editing.

Editing scenes is also very flexible; you can edit transitions, add scenes, duplicate scenes, and delete scenes to create your perfect video.

Step 6: At the top right of the screen, you will see a text bar where you can name your video. Once you are done, you will find a “preview” button. Click on it to preview your video draft. 

Screenshot of HeyGen's preview video
Once an output is generated, you can continue editing your video or click on submit to render the video.

Step 7: If you are satisfied with your creation, you can go ahead and click “Submit”. In a few minutes, your video will be rendered.

You will be redirected to the video page, where you will find personal items and your newly created video. You will also receive an email when the video is ready with a link to access it.

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How to Use HeyGen for Creating Amazon Product Videos

Heygen is a particularly helpful tool for creating product videos. If you have an Amazon store and need videos to showcase your product, HeyGen comes to your aid.

Step 1: On the HeyGen homepage, click the “Labs” button towards the bottom of the sidebar.

Screenshot guide for creating amazon product videos with HeyGen through URLs
The sidebar can navigate to the “Labs” feature, where you can create Amazon product videos.

It will open a page with the four current creative abilities of HeyGen. Click on “URL to Video.”

Step 2: Copy the URL link of the product from Amazon and insert it.

Screenshot guide for creating amazon product videos with HeyGen through URLs
You can input the URL of the Amazon product you would like the HeyGen AI video to be based on.

Step 3: Click on “Generate” after you add the right URL.

Step 4: HeyGen will take about a minute to generate different options and aesthetics for the final video, consisting of landscape, portrait, different ethnicities, and genders.

If you like a particular output, click “save as draft” or “Go to Editor” to tweak it to your taste. In the editor, you can change the avatar, color, graphics, and text. You can also add elements of your choice, including music.

Screenshot of product videos generated by HeyGen through URLs for Amazon product videos.
After generating an output, you can save it as a draft or directly go to the “Editor” to continue making changes.

How to Use HeyGen for Text-to-Image Generation

Step 1: Head to the Labs page and select the “Text to Image” option.

A screenshot of HenGen being used as an AI image generator.
A look at the text-to-image generation feature on HeyGen.

Step 2: Input the description of the image you desire, then click “Generate:” In 15-30 seconds, your image will be ready.

How to Use HeyGen for Face Swapping and the Creation of an AI Spokesperson Video

Step 1: Head over to the avatars page and select the avatar of your choice.

Screenshot of HeyGen's Avatars page
HeyGen has multiple AI spokesperson avatars to choose from.

Step 2: Once you select your avatar, a short preview of the avatar will play, revealing the avatar’s voice. You will find two options here to either “Edit Avatar” or “Create Video”.

Screenshot of HeyGen's Avatar editing workspace
You can display a close-up shot, a half-body shot, or just a circle of your avatar.

If you select “Edit Avatar”, you will be taken to an editing screen where you can swap the face of the avatar and change “View Mode”, outfit, voice, speed, and pitch.

Screenshot of HeyGen's Spokesperson editing workspace
You can add the script after picking an AI spokesperson, and HeyGen will do the rest.

If you select “Create Video”, you will be taken to an editing screen where you can customize your video.

Powerful Features of HeyGen

HeyGen offers quick and easy Text-To-Video Creation. Videos can also be shared or rendered with a few clicks. Multi-scene videos are possible in HeyGen video generation AI, and you can also add royalty-free music directly from the interface. Here are several other HeyGen benefits:

  • Video outputs can be generated in over 40+ languages.
  • The face-swapping feature allows for a lot of creative freedom. Custom avatars are available, with the liberty to create or upload a personal option.
  • You can download videos in 1080p and retain full ownership of the created videos.
  • You can invite team members to collaborate with you in the workspace.
  • Users can record voiceovers directly from the interface with their PC microphone or upload preexisting audio files.
  • HeyGen comes with powerful ChatGPT and Canva integrations to help you write scripts and generate graphics for your videos — all in one place.
  • Branding kits can be uploaded to maintain brand identity and image.
  • HeyGen AI can automatically videos for Amazon products from a URL. You can edit the output as well.
  • Users can connect with other users online to learn more about HeyGen’s features, applications, and more. Mini-lessons are available on their website to help beginners find their way, and tons of guides are available on their YouTube channel.

HeyGen Drawbacks:

  • Constant HeyGen updates disrupt the learning curves of users. It can be a struggle to adapt to their significant changes, which can disrupt their workflow.
  • Avatar animations are only available after submission, preventing you from seeing the full performance of your avatar before spending credits on the final piece.
  • Most of the characters look professional. Those of you looking for a more casual vibe will struggle to find avatars that are dressed casually.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of HeyGen Video AI Generator

  • Utilize AI image Generators: The avatars available on HeyGen are public and would have many people using them. For something distinctive, try uploading your own avatar, downloaded from Midjourney or StarryAI (the better option since users fully own the output.
  • Get familiar with Canva; the editing interface is very similar. You can edit the graphics on HeyGen, move icons, and change font sizes and colors. It becomes easier if you are familiar with Canva.
  • Brandkits: For consistency in brand image, you can upload assets on HeyGen like media files, logos, colors, fonts, etc.

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HeyGen Pricing Plan

Here is an overview of HeyGen’s pricing plan, current at time of publication. Visit their pricing page for more details and plan comparisons.

Screenshot of HeyGen's pricing page
An overview of HeyGen AI video generator plans.


Just as ChatGPT and other AI writing assistants are best used alongside professional writers versus replacing them, HeyGen isn’t here to replace video editors. It also cannot be compared with professional editing software like Adobe.

There are still plenty of use cases for professional, high-quality video. Those who need a high volume of videos where the quality produced by video generator AIs is acceptable – course creators, social media marketers, and ecommerce sellers, for example – may find that HeyGen meets their needs. It’s worth trying out and comparing to other AI video generators.

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