Finding high-quality images to suit all requirements isn’t always easy. Sometimes, stock photos lack diversity; at other times they look too promotional to strike a chord with people who see them.

For many images you find on Unsplash, Canva, or Pixel, you simply wish you could tweak a few things.

On the other hand, if you try to create a quality image independently, you’ll need high-quality photographs, design software, and most importantly, advanced design skills. Because the process is so time-consuming and expensive, you opt for the alternative: settling for images that don’t visually convey any cohesive message about your book, marketing material, or even business presentations.

Luckily, with the help of AI, you don’t have to be a creative expert to generate unique images, texts, art, videos, or music. 

If you’re a non-creative who wonders how they can take advantage of AI image generators that your marketing friends keep raving about — this guide on ways non-creatives can use AI images at work can show you how you can leverage AI image generators. Plus, we give you our recommendations for the best AI tools for different purposes.

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7 Ways to Use AI-Generated Images for Work

Books and Storytelling

If you’re a writer or storyteller, AI-generated images can be your creative ally. Think about what you can do with children’s books, fairy tales, and comics. With AI, you no longer have to deal with generic images to illustrate your tales — you can create vivid characters and scenes that bring your plot to life.

AI generated image from wombo dream using the prompt "A mystical creature in a magical forest"
AI generated image from wombo dream using the prompt "A mystical creature in a magical forest"
AI generated image from wombo dream using the prompt "A mystical creature in a magical forest"

Imagine inputting prompts like “a mythical creature in a magical forest” into an AI text-to-image generator like Wombo Dream and bringing that prompt to life without being an artist.

Blog Posts Feature Images

First impressions matter; you would want your readers hooked by your featured image before reading the content. Unique images also help with Image SEO.

Instead of using stock photos that are available on most websites, use an AI-generated image. Craiyon does a fascinating job creating featured images for your blog posts and other content on your site. 

Business Profile Images

Usually, most business profile images are boring headshots. It’s time to spruce that up.

We understand being reluctant because too much AI effect does not go very well for serious-looking business pages but if you combine the right tool with the right image generation prompts–you can create realistic-looking pictures too.

HeyGen is a good tool to check out for this purpose. You can use its face swap feature to superimpose your on the avatar of your choice. It’s quite realistic.

Social Media Posts

Social media is a visual playground, and using attractive images can significantly boost the visual appeal of your social media profiles.

For social media, Starry AI is our preferred tool. The best part is that StarryAI gives full ownership to users, so you will not run into copyright troubles. You can freely use those visuals to help you tell your brand’s story and connect with your audience more effectively.

Video Creation

Whether you are looking to create your video with an AI like Sythesia or software like Capcut, AI images can help shake things up and make the visuals more interesting. You can use DALL-E 2 to generate still images, graphics, or animations that complement your video content. 

Business Presentations

Struggling to find images that represent different groups of customers your business serves? Or maybe the stock photos you are finding don’t accurately show the benefits of your offer or product.

The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on image quality to represent your brand in your next presentation. You can even use AI image generators to create presentation slides.

Midjourney does a good job of creating realistic images that can be used professionally. It can be used for different types of business presentations, including a sales pitch, a project proposal, a pitch deck, or a training session.

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Office Decor

Need to add some personality to your workspace?

Just describe what you want, the type of style you want, and the major elements you would want the art to feature — and AI will create it for you at a fraction of the cost of buying art created by an artist.

Night Cafe Studio does a good job of creating unique images, including abstract ones. Print it, and you’re ready to go.

You could even turn this into a business by making stunning, unique, and customizable art, and selling it on platforms like Etsy. All you have to do is print your design, make frames available, put it out for sale, or take custom orders.

AI image generator tip: We’ve all seen a great image that someone else has used and maybe even been inspired by it. However, we can’t just copy the image and reuse it on our own website, blog, or social media pages. You can avoid “image plagiarism” by remixing the image or using it as an inspiration. But please don’t resort to direct stealing; it’s unethical.


AI image generators have truly transformed the way we approach creativity and business. They are not just tools for professionals; they empower both creative minds and those who may not have considered themselves creative before. Whether you’re using AI-generated images to enhance your business or exploring opportunities to build a business around these innovative tools, there’s a lot you can do with AI image generation tools.

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