If you’re on the lookout for a tool for a great addition to your creative toolkit for social media, Synthesia can be a great addition. In this article, we’ll dive into how Synthesia works, key features you need to know, and how to make the most of it.

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How Synthesia.io Works

Synthesia, founded in 2017 by AI experts Lourdes Agapito, Matthias Niessner, Victor Riparbelli, and Steffen Tjerrild, aims to transform video content creation through AI. Their tool enables everyday users to create videos using digital avatars in different languages and removes the need for traditional video equipment. Real-looking AI avatars are also available, should you want to keep your face completely away from your content.

An overview of Synthesia and how it works.

What’s great is that Synthesia.io can generate realistic videos from just text. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it operates:

Input Text

You start by typing or providing a script or text that you want to turn into a video. (This text can be an explanation or a conversation.)

Avatar Selection

A screenshot of Synthesia's AI Avartars
Once you sign up on Synthesia, you can pick from any of their diverse AI avatars — or create an AI avatar of you.

You can choose from various avatars or characters to represent the speaker in your video. These avatars can look like real people or be more stylized, depending on your preference.


Feel free to play around with the appearance and voice of the selected avatar. You can select from over 100 languages and customize your avatar to suit the purpose of your video. This allows you to make the video more unique and tailored to your needs.

A screenshot of Synthesia's AI Video Template
AI templates in Synthesia.io make it easy to create straightforward product videos & presentations.

Text-to-Speech Conversion

Synthesia’s AI takes your text and converts it into realistic spoken words using a text-to-speech (TTS) system. The voices are natural and expressive to suit the context of the text.

Video Generation

The platform combines the synthesized voice with animations and visuals to create a video that matches the spoken content. This includes ensuring the avatar’s voice is lip-synced and that the AI avatar has appropriate facial expressions and gestures.


After generating the video, you can edit and fine-tune it as needed. You can adjust the timing, add visuals, add a screen recording, and make other modifications to ensure the video looks and sounds right to you and aligns with your goals.


Once satisfied with the video, you can download it in MP4 format, get a link to share, or embed it on your site.

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Synthesia Text-to-Video Use Cases

Training Videos: With Synthesia, you can create videos to train new employees, offer ongoing training, or create instructional content. 

Sales Enablement: Sales teams often need to explain complex things to clients. Synthesia helps by turning product descriptions, sales pitches, and value propositions into clear and realistic videos. You can choose characters and colors that match your brand identity to create a professional image for your sales presentations.

Educational Videos: The era of dull and boring videos has ended with Synthesia. Educators can now turn their materials into captivating video lessons that students will enjoy.

Customer Service: To provide great customer service to your customers, you can use Synthesia to create personalized video responses to customer questions. Instead of just text, you can use characters to show empathy and explain things visually. 

Marketing: In marketing, you need to stand out. You can create attention-grabbing videos for promotions, explanations, or social media campaigns with Synthesia in a fraction of the time of the actual process. These videos can be customized to match your brand’s image and identity, making your marketing strategy more consistent and impactful.

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Top Synthesia Features to Check Out 

  • Wide range of video and custom avatars.
  • AI voices in 120+ languages and accents.
  • Massive library of Pre-designed video templates.
  • AI Video generator that uses OpenAI.
  • Enterprise features with a premium subscription: SOC II and GDPR compliance, unified workspace, adaptable MSAs and security questionnaires, and integration with video delivery platforms.
  • Lottie Animations.
  • Closed captions and subtitles.
  • Video Analytics.
Synthesia.io video generator AI features
Features you can find in Synthesia Video generator AI.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Synthesia 

Keyboard Shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to work faster in Synthesia. Cut, copy, paste, delete, duplicate, lock, and easily arrange elements. For example, copy with Cmd/Ctrl + C and paste with Cmd/Ctrl + V.

Resources: Synthesia offers many resources to help you learn and get the most out of the platform. From tutorials and example videos to a full-blown Synthesia Academy with a dedicated Help Desk and contact support, Synthesia caters to everyone.

Video Analytics in STUDIO: Utilize Synthesia to analyze your video’s performance with Video Analytics in STUDIO. It provides insights like unique viewers, total views, average watch time, and more. 

Lock and Unlock Elements: You can control elements in your canvas by locking or unlocking them. Locking prevents elements from being moved, resized, or rotated, ensuring your layout stays as intended. 

To lock and unlock elements, select the element, right-click, and then select lock. To reverse a locked element, select the element, right-click, and select unlock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synthesia

1. How Can I Upload Images in Synthesia?

First, you need to select an image. To do that:

  • Go to the “Media” tab at the top of the project screen.
  • Browse the image library or use the search bar to find the desired image.
  • Click on the image, and it will appear on the canvas for use.

If you have selected multiple images, choose the one you want to upload:

  • Click on the “Media” icon at the top of the project screen.
  • Then, click the “Upload media” button.
  • Your uploaded image will automatically be added to the canvas.

Tip: Uploaded images can be managed by going to the media library, hovering over the image, and clicking on the three-dot menu for options like renaming, downloading, or deleting.

2. What Video Aspect Ratio is Available on Synthesia?

Synthesia offers several video aspect ratios to meet the requirements of different platforms:

  1. Landscape: 16:9 (Height: 1080, Width: 1920)
  2. Portrait: 9:16 (Height: 1920, Width: 1080)
  3. Square: 1:1 (Height: 1080, Width: 1080)
  4. Tall: 4:5 (Height: 1350, Width: 1080)
  5. Wide: 5:4 (Height: 1080, Width: 1350)

3. How Can I Generate Video Content with Synthesia Using OpenAI?

 Synthesia is all about making the entire video creation process easy for their users, so you no longer have to start from scratch; you can now utilize OpenAI for simplicity. Here is how: 

  • Go to your STUDIO main page and select “New video.”
  • Choose “Generate video with AI” from the options.
  • Pick one of Synthesia’s templates to work with the AI.
  • Describe your “Topic” and “Audience” in the provided text box.
  • You can click “Add More” to include more information like language, context, objective, persona, and tone.
  • Click the “Generate video” button, sit back, and let the OpenAI create a script and scenes based on your input.
  • Edit your content or generate it again until satisfied with its output.
  • Continue to the editor and get started with your video creation.

4. How Can I Use Lottie Animation in Synthesia?

From your studio, click on “Media” from the top menu, then click on “Icons8” under Stock Content. Browse or search between the “Animated” and “Static” icons and add them to your canvas.

To upload Lottie animations from your device, click “Media,” select “Upload media,” and choose your Lottie animation file (in JSON format and a maximum of 250MB.)

To modify/edit the animation, click on it, and a menu will appear to your right with formatting options for size, color, and opacity.

5. How Can I Access Video Analytics on Synthesia? 

First, you need to make your video available for analysis. To do that, find the “Publish” button at the top right corner of your project page and click on it.

Once your video is published, you can check out the Video Analytics. Go to the video you want to learn more about. Look for the “Views” option at the top right of the screen. Click on that, and you’ll get all the information and numbers about your video.

Content Moderation With Synthesia

Synthesia takes its content moderation process seriously to ensure responsible and ethical video creation. They have a strict policy differentiating between “Prohibited Content”, which is entirely forbidden, and “Restricted Content”.

For privacy concerns, you should beware that data sent via the API will be kept for up to 30 days to monitor for any issues. However, the information will be deleted after that time frame if there are no law violations.

This stringent approach safeguards users and maintains a high standard for content on the platform. It also balances creative freedom and responsible usage, making it a safe and enjoyable space for users to express themselves while respecting community guidelines.


Synthesia ranks among the leading AI video generators, and our experience with the tool only reinforces that claim. Its seamless interface and wealth of resources reflect value for its users. They are diligent and intentional about their processes, including content moderation.

We always like to get behind AI companies and AI applications that account for responsible, ethical use — and it’s refreshing to see how seriously Synthesia takes its users’ safety on the platform.

As someone who enjoys exploring new AI tools that make life easier, I’d say that this one is worth checking out for your video creation needs. Before diving in, note that Synthesia does not provide a free plan, but you can kickstart your journey by booking a demo and getting started with their personal plan, priced at $30 per month.

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