is a time-saving suite of AI writing tools that includes a long-form content writer and machine-generated social media copy, ad copy, SEO content, ecommerce copy, and more. Its makers promise, “It’s like having access to a team of copywriting experts writing powerful copy for you in 1-click.” And at $19 to $32 a month for individual and team users, it’s a fairly affordable AI writing assistant option. But is it the right AI writer for your needs, or would you like to explore a few Copymatic alternatives?

AI writers are software programs that use machine learning, specifically natural language processing and generation (NLP & NLG), to produce text. There are plenty of them in the market, and new ones are launching regularly, and it’s no wonder – these creative AI tools make quick work of summarizing, repurposing, and generating content for all kinds of uses.

If you’ve given Copymatic a try and aren’t blown away, or are simply looking for a few different options to check out, this list of Copymatic alternatives is for you.

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1. Quillbot Co-writer

Quillbot offers advanced suggestions to premium users.

Finding the right words or effectively articulating ideas can be challenging, regardless of one’s writing proficiency. Enter Quillbot Co-Writer, an AI-powered writing assistant designed to elevate your writing experience. Whether combating writer’s block or seeking grammatical perfection, Quillbot is here to assist.

What sets Quillbot Co-Writer apart? For starters, it’s much more than just a grammar checker. It interprets the context and essence of your content, providing apt and valuable suggestions for enhancement. The experience feels neither overtly mechanical nor too informal, striking the right balance for diverse writing needs.

Among its myriad features, Quillbot offers:

  • Paraphrasing: To help avoid plagiarism, it suggests alternative phrasings, presenting up to three variations in its premium version.
  • Summarizer: Have a lengthy document? Quillbot can condense it for you.
  • Complete Paragraph: A boon for those facing writer’s block, this feature proposes completions for your sentences, presenting multiple options.
  • Grammar & Punctuation Corrections: As expected, Quillbot detects and rectifies grammatical errors, ensuring your content remains polished.
  • Online Research & Note-taking: With Co-Writer, researching becomes seamless. You can collect information and bookmark sources without leaving your writing environment.
  • Citation: For academic work or referencing, Quillbot’s citation feature streamlines the process, providing various citation styles to suit your needs.
  • Text-to-speech and Dictate: Listen to your written words to catch nuances or errors, or simply dictate and let the AI pen it down.

Quillbot also introduces editing tools to organize your writing, from H1-H5 subheadings to font customization and arrangement formats. So, while it might not replace your trusted Google Docs entirely, it’s certainly worth giving a shot.

2. AI Writer

Writer AI blockchain writing example

Founded by Abhi Godara in April 2022, AI Writer stands out with its claim of being “the most accurate article generator,” with the capability to generate content from just a headline. AI Writer harnesses the power of AI algorithms and natural language processing to deliver content, including blog posts, product descriptions, long-form articles, social media content, and more.

Users get added perks like SEO optimization tools and writing guidance to enhance the AI-generated content. AI Writer’s key features include:

  • Research & Write: Users can generate articles up to 1,200 words on diverse topics, available in English only. Generated articles come with a uniqueness score to check for plagiarism.
  • Text Rewording: This tool rephrases up to 1750-word content chunks, offering an estimated uniqueness check.
  • SEO Editor: Focuses on keyword distribution, enabling better content ranking.
  • Subtopic Discoverer: Generates subtopics for main themes, aiding in content diversification.

Here’s what it does really well: AI Writer has an intuitive user interface, making it ideal for beginners. It offers seamless integration with WordPress, as well as extensive tutorials for maximizing platform usage.

But it’s not for everyone; AI Writer’s content quality might not always match human standards and it may miss critical details. As with all types of AI content, editorial oversight by humans and essential. Pricing ranges from $29/month (40 articles) to $375/month (1000 articles for 10 users), and AI Writer provides plans tailored to individual and team needs.

3. WordTune

A screenshot of the Wordtune AI writing interface.

WordTune is an AI writing assistant ideal for enhancing the professionalism and quality of your writing, making it a valuable tool for writers and editors alike. Given that it can be accessed via desktop editor, Chrome extension, and Microsoft Word add-on, it’s one of the more flexible options in the market.

Another attractive feature is its translation capabilities; WordTune supports translation from multiple languages and then rewrites and edits them in English. For simple editing, it offers improvements in word choice, phrasing, tone, and more.

Getting started with WordTune is pretty straightforward as the interface is neat and offers various options like rewriting, changing tone, and expanding or shortening text. The AI quickly identifies errors and offers alternatives, which the writer can accept or edit.

WordTune’s ‘Spices’ toolset provides a wide array of features to elevate your content, from expanding on ideas to inserting jokes. These include ‘Continue Writing,’ ‘Explain,’ ‘Emphasize,’ ‘Expand on,’ and even adding statistical or historical facts.

All told, WordTune stands out as an advanced AI writing assistant that understands context and semantics. It is versatile, user-friendly, and offers unique features that set it apart from other AI writing tools. Although there are certain limitations, its capabilities make it a valuable asset for anyone seeking to elevate their writing.

Other Copymatic Alternatives Worth a Look

The AI writer market is growing fast, and these certainly aren’t the only options worth checking out. Here are a few more to put on your list:

  1. Grammarly: Beyond its primary grammar-checking functions, Grammarly offers style, tone, and clarity enhancements to help fine-tune your writing. Their premium version provides more in-depth insights and suggestions.
  2. JasperDocs: This is another content creation tool that focuses on creating long-form content. You provide an outline, and JasperDocs helps flesh it out.
  3. Kuki Chatbot: An AI chatbot tool designed to write like a human. It’s more focused on conversational AI but can be used for various content purposes.
  4. Writesonic: Born from OpenAI’s GPT-3, Writesonic offers tools for various content needs, from ads and emails to blog posts and product descriptions.
  5. Sapling AI: This tool provides autocomplete suggestions for writers, helping to speed up the content creation process.
  6. Yseop Compose: An automated narrative generation AI tool that’s more tailored to business reports, executive summaries, and financial documents.
  7. Articoolo: A tool for short-form content creation, especially useful for website content and blog posts.
  8. Nichesss: This AI tool can help generate content ideas, blog intros, and even create full articles based on prompts.
  9. Cleanvoice: Aimed at producing high-quality content, Cleanvoice has an emphasis on natural-sounding text, making it suitable for blogs and other forms of web content.
  10. ShortlyAI: A long-form content assistant, ShortlyAI is particularly useful for bloggers and writers looking to draft articles, stories, or other extensive text pieces
  11. Neural Text: This tool uses GPT-3 technology to help with ad copy, product descriptions, and other forms of marketing content.
  12. A direct competitor to Copymatic, provides a suite of tools for different types of content, from blog posts to ad copy and more.

Whether you’re crafting ad copy, drafting extensive blog posts, or seeking conversational AI, the market brims with options tailored to diverse content needs, ensuring writers and marketers can find the right tool to amplify their messaging.

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