Digital marketing is becoming more accessible, thanks to AI. Business owners and freelancers can use AI tools to perform marketing tasks faster and more effectively, and one of the biggest shifts has come in the form of AI writers. You may recognize Jasper AI as one of the most popular options in this category.

Much like other AI writers, Jasper AI makes content generation for social media and SEO purposes easy. You can also use it to write ads and other marketing content. These AI writers enable everyone to create digital content, even if they have no creative bone in their body. Professional writers and editors also use these tools to write faster and adapt their writing to different online formats.

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about Jasper, its top features, and what makes the software special.

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What is Jasper AI?

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is an AI writing software that can help you with any type of content. The AI combines extensive data with your prompts to provide unique and relevant content. Although there are many other content creation AI programs out there, Jasper is unique for its blend of specific features and formulas that you won’t find anywhere else.

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What Makes Jasper AI Unique?

Jasper Manages Your Brand Voice

Jasper’s brand voice feature lets you generate content with your unique voice. The AI can scan your website to learn everything about your business, including who your customers are and how your business communicates. This means less editing for you and a consistent tone for your brand. 

A screenshot of Jasper's "brand voice" feature.
A screenshot showing Jasper AI’s main features.

If you haven’t decided on a brand voice yet, Jasper comes with a good collection of voices you can select from and customize as you go along. Test them all out, pick one, and you are ready to go.

Creates Catchy Product Descriptions

If you run an online store or work as an affiliate marketer, then you are the type of person who writes a lot of product descriptions. With Jasper, you can generate product descriptions that not only emphasize the features and benefits of your product but sound increasingly human and expert. 

Has Useful Marketing Templates

Jasper comes with a large collection of marketing templates that customize content generation for specific use cases. There are templates for social media posts, digital ads, newsletters, and more. Jasper adjusts its writing style to suit each situation accordingly. Some templates are more specific, letting you whip out more serious content like blog posts, in-depth reviews, and letters. 

Other templates are super-specific and practical. For instance, the “Explain it to a child” template is really useful if you want to make any content less complicated than it needs to be.

Here are some other super-specific templates to look out for:

  • Paragraph Generator
  • Content improver
  • Blog post-specific ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Google Ads headlines

Jasper’s Boss Mode Works Like an Editor

Jasper’s boss mode is perfect for writers who don’t want to get tangled with templates and prompts. It is a straightforward, no-frills approach to writing with AI. You dump your ideas into the document, and the AI automatically polishes your content for you.

Here’s Jasper’s Boss Mode works:

  1. Open a document in boss mode.
  2. On the left, you’ll see options to enter a topic, keywords, and other details, but you can ignore them if you want.
  3. Just start by typing a paragraph or a title.
  4. Press Ctrl-J, and voilà, Jasper creates related content. You’ll get about a paragraph’s worth of text.
  5. The magic is that you can keep pressing Ctrl-J, and Jasper keeps generating more text. It’s like an endless content waterfall. What’s really cool is how naturally the content flows from one piece to the next.

But there’s a catch. If you give too little input, Jasper might run out of fresh ideas and start repeating itself. So, it’s amazing, but you need to modify your information as necessary.

Some Things You Might Dislike About Jasper

Jasper is not a Technical Genius

Jasper struggles a bit when it comes to really technical topics. It’s not its strong suit, to say the least. We tried to get it to produce content about something like “implementing cryptographic elliptic curve algorithms for secure communication protocols,” and let’s just say, what it came up with was nowhere close to what I needed.

Even when I asked multiple times, it kept spitting out random technical jargon that was useless. This brings me to the next problem: unnecessary rambling.

Jasper Might Ramble Unnecessarily

While Jasper can generate content continuously, not all of it is necessarily useful. In our experiments, we encountered a considerable amount of repetitive or irrelevant content that didn’t align with the requirements.

The issue is problematic for another reason: Jasper charges you for every word it produces. We initially signed up for Jasper’s Boss Mode with a plan limit of 50,000 words, which included a trial allocation of 10,000 words.

We exhausted that 10,000-word trial in two days.

Although we mostly tried out different formats for this article, you can see how credits can deplete rapidly. This simply means that Jasper is not an economical solution for many teams. And many teams might just prefer to continue using free tools like ChatGPT instead.

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You Still Have to Fact-Check

No AI is perfect. Jasper AI is also prone to AI hallucinations, in which it makes up facts to produce content. If you don’t know much about the topics you’re working on, you’ll need to spend some time checking out the facts, especially regarding dates, context, and other specific details.


Given the limitations of Jasper AI, it’s safe to say that you will still need a proper content team to use it effectively.

That being said, Jasper is a capable tool. The struggle most non-writers have is not knowing the structure of a piece. Because Jasper gives you templates to work with, you don’t have to worry whether a post is suited for that platform or not.

It can be a good fit for the expert or the amateur who wants to beat writer’s block and generate valuable content. Small business owners, eCommerce businesses, and freelancers who need occasional help with marketing content will find it useful. Visit Jasper.AI today to find out more.

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